Walter Presents: Belgian Drama Blackout.

When an act of sabotage shuts down a nuclear power plant in Belgium, the country is plunged into darkness in WALTER PRESENTS: BLACKOUT.

What so many people predicted on numerous occasions becomes a reality when the Belgian power grid suddenly collapses. The nationwide blackout is the result of a sabotage of a reactor at the Westerdonk nuclear power plant; but who is behind it all? And why? That’s what Michael Dendoncker, head of department at the anti-terrorism unit is trying to find out. Michael has another good reason to investigate the incident. Just moments before the blackout Belgium’s Prime Minister, Annemie Hillebrand, received a video clip of her daughter Elke being held bound and gagged at an unknown location. The message reads: “When the light turns back on, your daughter dies…”

Viewers may recognise Geert Van Rampelberg in the lead from Walter Presents: Code 37 who was also nominated for Best Actor in his role as Michael at the Film Festival Oostende, where the series was also nominated for Best Screenplay.

Here’s a trailer for the series – which is available on Topic in the US.

The series (10 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday 25th February.  


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