Walter Presents: Swedish Drama Snow Angels

The final instalment of 2022’s Scandi Season, WALTER PRESENTS: SNOW ANGELS is a daring character-driven crime drama about motherhood as three women — a mother, a policewoman and a child nurse’s — fates become intertwined following the disappearance of a 5-week-old infant.

As Sweden is paralyzed by a heavy snowstorm the night before Christmas Eve, five-week-old baby Lucas mysteriously disappears from his home in a suburb of Stockholm. The boy’s parents search desperately for an explanation, but Lucas’ mother, Jenni, who was under the influence of strong sleeping pills, can’t remember what happened the night before. When news of the disappearance reaches Alice, a seasoned police investigator, she suspects a crime has been committed. The revelation that a paediatric nurse filed a complaint about Jenni with Social Services only heightens suspicions about the family. A massive police investigation is launched and Alice becomes deeply engrossed in the case, determined to uncover the truth and find Lucas before it is too late.

Josefin Asplund plays Jenni, who viewers may recognise from the hit series Vikings and blockbuster film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

The series (6 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 11th March. The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 13th March at 11:30PM.


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