UK Premiere Dates for World Dramas in March 2022

This is a list of all world dramas (non-British or US TV) premiering in the UK in March 2022. The calendar above is also a handy guide to all of the major dates. The list is updated on an ongoing basis as new dates are revealed.

Savage Rhythm S1 Netflix 02/03/2022 [Import/Colombia] [Netflix Original]

Midnight at the Pera Palace S1 Netflix 03/03/2022 [Import/Turkey] [Netflix Original]

Lies and Deceit S1 Netflix 04/03/2022 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts S2 Netflix 08/03/2022 [Import/Italy] [Netflix Original]

Weekend Family S1 Disney+ 09/03/2022 [Import/France] [Disney+ Original]

Love, Life and Everything in Between S1 Netflix 10/03/2022 [Import/Saudi Arabia] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

My Brilliant Friend S3 Sky Atlantic 10/03/2022 [Import/Italy + US (HBO)]

Once Upon A Time… Happily Never After S1 Netflix 11/03/2022 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Snow Angels S1 Walter P. 11/03/2022 [Import/Sweden]

The Heart Guy S5 Drama 12/03/2022 [Import/Australia] *(Already availabe on UK TV Play)

The Paradise S1 Acorn UK 14/03/2022 [Import/Finland + Spain]

Soil S1 Netflix 17/03/2022 [Import/Belgium] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Cracow Monsters S1 Netflix 18/03/2022 [Import/Poland] [Netflix Original]

Eternally Confused and Eager for Love S1 Netflix 18/03/2022 [Import/India] [Netflix Original]

Funeral For a Dog S1 Sky Atlantic 18/03/2022 [Import/Germany]

Light the Night P3 Netflix 18/03/2022 [Import/Taiwan] [Netflix Original]

Standing Up S1 Netflix 18/03/2022 [Import/France] [Netflix Original]

The Cursed S1 Netflix 18/03/2022 [Import/Korea]

Parallels S1 Disney+ 23/03/2022 [Import/France] [Disney+ Original]

Inside MS Walter P. 25/03/2022 [Import/France]

Pachinko S1 Apple TV+ 25/03/2022 [International drama filmed in Korean, Japanese & English]

The Crimson Rivers S3 More4 (WP) 25/03/2022 [Import/France]

Love ft. Marriage & Divorce S3 Netflix 26/03/2022 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Orig/Excl] *(Actually a mistake/typo on the date for this with new episodes actually being added weekly since 26 February)

Professionals S1 5Action 30/03/2022 [Import/Ireland + South Africa]

Wild Abandon S1 Netflix 30/03/2022 [Import/Turkey] [Netflix Original]

We provide a weekly list each Friday which contains more details about all these shows. Here are the links to the weekly lists covering the current month – new links added as they become available:

26 February – 4 March
5-11 March
12-18 March
19-25 March
26 March – 1 April


3 thoughts on “UK Premiere Dates for World Dramas in March 2022

    1. Yes. Season 4 is set to premiere on Acorn in the US on Monday, 11 April & I suspect that the UK date might well be the same. We haven’t had confirmation of that yet though but in any case it should be available in the UK relatively soon.


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