Walter Presents: French drama The Chalet

More French drama for Walter Presents viewers to enjoy as WALTER PRESENTS: THE CHALET – a thriller set between two time periods – arrives on All4 later this month.

Summer 2017 – Adèle is three months pregnant and her gynaecologist thinks some mountain air would be good for her. Her partner Manu grew up in the village of Valmoline, a delightful hamlet in the High Alps, so they move there into the recently renovated Chalet des Glaces. After a few days, Manu’s friends arrive; they barely have time to cross the little bridge that connects the village to the valley before a huge rock smashes down through the structure and crushes a local villager. The newcomers and their hosts are cut off from the world. Who has decided to trap the inhabitants of Valmoline and why?

Summer 1997 – Author Jean-Louis Rodier, former teacher Françoise and their two children move into the old Chalet des Glaces in Valmoline. They are making a fresh start. Far from the distractions of the city, Jean-Louis believes he will be able to write again. Barely two months after the arrival of the Rodiers, mailman Paul finds the Chalet empty. The parents and their two children have vanished without trace. Nobody will ever see the Rodiers again. What happened to the Rodier family? And what is the connection between these two tragic summers?

The series (6 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday 27th May.

*Yes – before anyone asks this series was previously available in the UK on Netflix. 

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