Walter Presents: French drama The Wagner Method

Police captain Cesar Wagner has been transferred to his hometown in WALTER PRESENTS: THE WAGNER METHOD (César Wagner) – but there’s one slight niggle; he’s a huge hypochondriac.

After being recently transferred to Strasbourg’s judicial police department in eastern France, police captain Cesar Wagner settles in with the new team. Assisted by Elise Beaumont, an uninhibited medical examiner, Wagner tries to impose his own distinctive style: a confirmed bachelor, big-hearted cop and compulsive hypochondriac who also has an obsession for his work, Wagner unsettles not only the suspects but also the members of his own squad. He must win their trust, and for his first mission, Wagner ignores appearances and decides to investigate the apparently accidental death of a rising star of local football.

The series was created by the same team behind the popular series Detective Cain.

Here’s a brief trailer (French language only):

Season 1 (5 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 17th June.

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