Walter Presents: Croatian drama Four Strangers.

Series description: Four people from different backgrounds whose paths would never have otherwise crossed end up entangled after they find themselves present at an apparent murder. Vinka, a middle-class bank clerk; Haris, a successful architect; Blanka, a troubled teenage girl; and Kiki, about to lose his apartment because he is unemployed. While dealing with the aftermath of the violence that they didn’t cause, but  were forced to resolve, they struggle to keep their lives together in a society that has ground them down; the beautiful but tough city of Zagreb. Meanwhile inspector Kalić is trying to crack the murder case and finds evidence of various people present at the crime scene that she can’t link. As Kalić builds her case, the four strangers must also deal with the victim’s mobster father who is on his own quest for bloody vengeance…

Original title: Uspjeh.

Alternative title (US release): Success.

Watch it here.

UK premiere date: Friday, 15 July 2022. Episode 1 is on Channel 4 on Sunday, 17 July.

Link to imdb page.

Other useful links:
Drama Quarterly interview with series creator & writer Marjan Alčevski.
Screen Daily article about the series
Foreign Crime Drama Review

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