UK Premiere Dates for World Dramas in July 2022

This is a list of all world dramas (non-British or US TV) premiering in the UK in July 2022. The calendar above is also a handy guide to all of the major dates. Click on the show name for a link to the specific show page where you’ll find a show description, trailers where available & other useful links.

Inspector Montalbano S8 (E37) BBC4 02/07/2022 [Import/Italy]

Oh My Baby S1 Netflix 04/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

The Sommerdahl Murders S3 Acorn UK 04/07/2022 [Import/Denmark]

Control Z S3 Netflix 06/07/2022 [Import/Mexico] [Netflix Original]

King of Stonks (Cable Cash) S1 Netflix 06/07/2022 [Import/Germany] [Netflix Original]

Capitani S2 Netflix 08/07/2022 [Import/Luxembourg] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Modern Love Hyderabad S1 Amazon 08/07/2022 [Import/India] [Prime Original]

She Would Never Know S1 Netflix 08/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

The Longest Night (La noche mas larga) (Baruca) S1 Netflix 08/07/2022 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Trom S1 BBC4 09/07/2022

Hurts Like Hell S1/LS Netflix 13/07/2022 [Import/Thailand] [Netflix Original]

Kiss Sixth Sense S1 Star/Disney+ 13/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

Sintonia S3 Netflix 13/07/2022 [Import/Brazil] [Netflix Original]

Alba S1 Netflix 15/07/2022 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Backstreet Rookie S1 Netflix 15/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

Country Queen S1 Netflix 15/07/2022 [Import/Kenya] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Four Strangers S1 Walter P. 15/07/2022 [Import/Croatia]

Mom, Don’t Do That S1 Netflix 15/07/2022 [Import/Taiwan] [Netflix Original]

Remarriage & Desires S1 Netflix 15/07/2022 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Original]

Passport to Freedom S1/LS Drama 16/07/2022 [Import/Brazil] (English language series)

Bad Exorcist S1-2 Netflix 20/07/2022 [Import/Poland] [Netflix Original]

Dali & Cocky Prince S1 Netflix 20/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

It Was Always Me (Siempre Fui Yo) S1 Star/Disney+ 20/07/2022 [Import/Colombia] [Disney+ Original]

Pasion de Gavilanes S2 Netflix 20/07/2022 [Import/Colombia]

Police University S1 Netflix 20/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

Sell Your Haunted House S1 Netflix 20/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

Youth of May S1 Netflix 20/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

ANA S1 Amazon 22/07/2022 [Import/Mexico] [Amazon CP]

My Unfamiliar Family S1 Netflix 22/07/2022 [Import/Korea]

The Newsreader S1 BBC2 24/07/2022 [Import/Australia]

Total Control S2 Acorn UK 25/07/2022 [Import/Australia]

Di4ries S1 Netflix 26/07/2022 [Import/Italy] [Netflix Original]

Santa Evita S1/LS Star/Disney+ 26/07/2022 [Import/Argentina] [Star+ Original]

Rebelde S2 Netflix 27/07/2022 [Import/Mexico] [Netflix Original]

Another Self S1 Netflix 28/07/2022 [Import/Turkey] [Netflix Original]

Christian S1 Sky Atlantic 29/07/2022 [Import/Italy] [Sky Original]

Fanatico S1 Netflix 29/07/2022 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Justice Served S1 Netflix 29/07/2022 [Import/South Africa] [Netflix Original]

Masaba Masaba S2 Netflix 29/07/2022 [Import/India] [Netflix Original]

Sins of the Fathers S1 Walter P. 29/07/2022 [Import/Poland]

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem S1P2 Netflix 29/07/2022 [Import/Israel] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Other World dramas recently added to UK platforms/streaming services.

22 July S1/LS STV Player [Import/Norway]

For Life S1 STV Player [Import/Norway]

The Sandhamn Murders S1-6 STV Player [Import/Sweden] (Also available on Amazon Freevee]

White Wall S1 STV Player [Import/Finland+Sweden]

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