Walter Presents: Polish drama Sins of the Fathers.

Series description: A retired policeman and a former criminal must face their past in WALTER PRESENTS: SINS OF THE FATHERS when their daughters’ lives are suddenly put at risk in this gangster thriller based on the Warsaw Mafia.

The old Warsaw mafia was abolished by former commissioner Sikora, while ex-Mafia member Blacha has now become a successful businessman on the straight and narrow. However, unresolved events from the past unexpectedly force the two back together. Sikora’s daughter, now also a police officer, is investigating a series of violent crimes, involving Blacha who is accused of murder. Kaska, the daughter of Blacha, has just graduated with a Master’s in law and is helping her father to find evidence to prove his innocence. The commissioner and gangster must cooperate to ensure the safety of their families and their own survival. Both will experience the most fundamental feeling of a man – fear for their own children.

The series was nominated for Best Fictional Series at the Polish Film Awards.

Original title: Odwróceni. Ojcowie i córki

Watch it here.

Also available in the USA on Walter Presents on PBS Masterpiece and in Australia on Walter Presents on Stan.

UK Premiere date: Friday, 29 July 2022.

Link to imdb page.

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