Walter Presents: Swedish drama Agatha Christie’s Hjerson.

Series description: Inspired by the detective character created by Agatha Christie’s fictional writer Ariadne Oliver from the Poirot series, WALTER PRESENTS: AGATHA CHRISTIE’S HJERSON takes a delightful meta leap into the contemporary world of Sven Hjerson.

Sven Hjerson was once a renowned criminal profiler; his hypersensitivity to people and places has given him razor-sharp perceptiveness. Throughout his career he’s been involved in many high-profile cases, but suddenly he chose to retire from the spotlight, and no one knows why. Klara Sandberg is a reality TV producer of what some people might describe as trash. Somewhere within her, though, lurks the ambition to create meaningful editorial content. She successfully pitches the idea of a true crime show starring Hjerson, who would solve a real crime each week. The new show may reset Sandberg’s career and life, but there’s just one snag: she has never met Hjerson. Tracking him down, they both end up on a cruise ship where a young journalist is suddenly murdered, forcing a reluctant Hjerson to work with Klara as she attempts to convince him to work on her series. Freely inspired by Christie’s books, each episode features a stand-alone case and also delves deep into the characters’ inner turmoils.

Hanna Alström stars as Klara, who fans may recognise from the Kingsman film series and award-winning Johan Rheborg as Hjerson who also appeared in Walter Presents: Partisan.

Watch it here.

UK Premiere date: Friday, 26 August 2022. Episodes airing weekly on More4.

Link to imdb page.

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Drama Quarterly interview with actors Johan Rheborg and Hanna Alström

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