Chilean drama Señorita 89 on BBC Four

Series description: Created and directed by the award-winning showrunner Lucia Puenzo, Senorita 89 delves behind the curtain of Latin America’s beauty pageant culture in the 1980s, where hidden amongst the laughter, lights and glitter lurks a dark and disturbing world. The series follows budding beauty queens from all over Mexico as they gather at an imposing ranch deep in the forest, where they must stay for 3 months in a bid to be crowned the next ‘Miss Mexico’. The stakes are raised by intense training sessions, strict diets – and even clandestine surgeries. But when one of the girls is suddenly found dead, the police are called in to investigate, throwing new light on a relentless regime of manipulation and mistreatment.

UK Premiere date: 19 November, 2022.

Watch it here.

Acquisition news: BBC Media (21 July 2022).

Link to imdb page.

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