German drama KaDeWe on BBC Four.

Series description: Based on Berlin’s Kaufhaus des Westens (‘department store of the West’), which has been a landmark destination for high-end shoppers for over a hundred years. Produced by Constantin Television (We Children from Bahnhof Zoo) and UFA Fiction (Deutschland83/86/89), the drama follows four progressive and ambitious young friends Hedi, Fritzi, Harry and Georg as they go in search of self-fulfilment in the 1920s – a time of upheaval, reinvention, dog-eat-dog survival and liberating new opportunities for women. They all swear an oath of allegiance in the pursuit of individual and collective happiness. But when the Nazis sweep to power, the Jewish-owned store’s very existence is threatened, along with their friendship and hopes for the future.

UK Premiere date: Saturday, 24 September 2022.

Watch it here.

Acquisition news: BBC Media (21 July 2022).

Link to imdb page.

3 thoughts on “German drama KaDeWe on BBC Four.

  1. Confused when is this meant to be set ?. Outside scenes are modern cars and actors in 1920’s clothes. Does not make sense.


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