Walter Presents: Season 2 of Polish psychological thriller Angel of Death.

Series description: A small-town detective chases a serial killer who has the cover of a seemingly perfect life.

Original title: Szadz.

Watch it here.

Season 1 UK Premiere date: 10 December 2021 (7 x 40-44m).

Season 2 UK Premiere date: Friday, 26 August 2022.

Also available in the US via Walter Presents on PBS Masterpiece as well as Walter Presents via Roku & Comcast Xfinity.

More detailed series description via press release:

A young girl is murdered in a cruel and perverse way on the outskirts of Opole, and police suspect it might be the work of a serial killer. Commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska is assigned the case but, to her distaste, must work with Commissioner Tomasz Mrówiec from the Provincial Headquarters. In Warsaw, entrepreneurial and popular lecturer Piotr lives a bourgeois life with a textbook-perfect family. We quickly learn that it was he who murdered the girl found in the forest, and now he is getting ready for another murder. His next victim is a young, deeply spiritual girl from a small town, frantically trying to find meaning in life. With such high stakes, can Agnieszka and Tomasz find and expose Piotr before it’s too late?

Angel of Death was nominated for Best Fictional Series at the Polish Film Festival and stars Maciej Stuhr who viewers may recognise from Walter Presents: The Teacher.

Series 2 info. via press release [SPOILERS for season 1 included]:

A year after the tragic events that took place near Opole, a trial has started against serial killer Piotr Wolnicki in WALTER PRESENTS: ANGEL OF DEATH S2 – but to the police’s dismay, he has plead not guilty.

Vicious murderer or victim of the system? This chilling polish thriller follows Piotr as he tries to convince the public of his ‘innocence’. With scenes unveiling the cold calculated movements of the suspect as he uses any means necessary to sway public opinion. However, Commissioner Polkowska and witnesses who testify against the accused in court are determined to convict him. The convolutions of the trial will leave you questioning whether the victims’ truths and evidence gathered is enough to convict the Opole killer. The plot thickens as dramatic events from Piotr’s past are revealed with the mysterious appearance of Lila. Piotr and Lila are bound by a dark experience from their youth – thus her return may be a chance for Piotr to confront the truth about himself.  This twisted story reveals the suffering that follows the apprehension of the perpetrator. Whilst delving into the psychopathic mind of Piotr in a way that promises to make your skin crawl. Will Piotr get his family back together and prove his innocence or will Polkowska find enough evidence to put him in jail for good?

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4 thoughts on “Walter Presents: Season 2 of Polish psychological thriller Angel of Death.

  1. This is a brilliant Drama I have just watched both series but the ending of series 2 leaves you wondering if there will be another series in the future


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