Walter Presents: Dutch drama Red Light.

Series description: Red Light is a swirling, current drama series about three women who lose themselves and find each other in the world of prostitution and human trafficking.

Watch it here.

UK Premiere date: Friday, 7 October 2022. Episode 1 is on Channel 4 on Sunday, 9 October at 11:00PM.

More detailed series description via press release:

Starring Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten and from the creators of The TwelveWALTER PRESENTS: RED LIGHT follows the female lead as she goes from the Red Woman to the Red-Light District in this compelling female-driven series.

Set between Amsterdam and Antwerp, Red Light explores the dark world of human trafficking and prostitution as three women are unexpectedly brought together due to tragic circumstances. The murder of a young sex worker sparks an investigation into an illegal sex trafficking ring with Sylvia (Carice van Houten) seemingly at the helm. Meanwhile, the disappearance of opera singer Esther’s (Halina Reijn) husband prompts the police to uncover his secret lifestyle much to his wife’s despair. With a murderer at large and a missing Dutchman to be found it is down to detective Evi (Maaike Neuville) to uncover the truth – whilst battling her own demons. As the investigations continue loyalties are tested, and resilience is paramount under the haze of the Red-Light District. This captivating drama confronts the harsh realities faced by women involved in this taboo world in a nuanced and tasteful way.

Winner of the Best Series award at the Cannes International Series Festival 2020 and Best TV-Drama at the Nederlands Film Festival 2020. Halina Reijn also won the award for Best Actress in a TV-Drama following her appearance in this series.

Link to imdb page.

Other useful links:
Drama Quarterly interview with directors Wouter Bouvijn and Anke Blondé and actress Halina Reijn.

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