Walter Presents: Finnish crime thriller Arctic Circle.

Series description: When a dying sex worker is found in a cabin with a deadly virus in her body, a Finnish officer must team up with a German virologist to track a serial killer and contain the virus before it becomes a full-blown pandemic.

Original title: Ivalo.

Watch it here.

If you’re in the United States you can watch seasons 1 & 2 on Topic.

UK Premiere date: Friday, 21 October 2022. Episode 1 is on Channel 4 on Sunday, 23 October at 11:15PM.

More detailed series description via press release:

Amidst the icy landscapes of Finish Lapland, the blood sample of a woman in a coma contains a deadly virus. A criminal investigation takes a surprise twist in WALTER PRESENTS: ARCTIC CIRCLE.

When police officer Nina Kautsalo finds a Russian sex worker barely alive in an old cabin, a routine blood test reveals that the woman is infected with an unknown pathogen. German virologist from the European Centre of Disease Control, Thomas Lorenz, makes a shocking discovery when he recognises it as an extremely rare and dangerous virus from Yemen that causes miscarriages, foetal deformities, and death. Thomas must travel to Lapland to determine the extent of the problem, while maintaining full secrecy as ordered by the Finnish national police. Investigating a series of murders and a virus that threatens to spread far beyond the borders of Lapland, Nina and Thomas soon find themselves having to stray from the law. They must rely on each other if they are to keep their loved ones safe. But what takes precedence? A deadly virus or an active serial killer?

This gripping crime drama created before the COVID-19 pandemic offers its own interesting take on what might happen when a dangerous virus breaks out – set against the backdrop of the uniquely beautiful and harsh landscape of northern Finland.

Link to imdb page.

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