Season 2 of Norwegian drama Wisting on BBC Four.

Series description: Norwegian thriller police procedural starring Sven Nordin as widower William Wisting, a senior police detective. Based on the novels by Jørn Lier Horst.

In season 1, part 1 (5 episodes): when a body is found in the snow, Norwegian detective Wisting and the FBI are drawn into a complex hunt for a serial killer.
In Season 1, part 2: Wisting and his team are accused with tampering with evidence in a previous case.

The new episodes – seasons 2 & 3 in Norway but expected to air as one 8 episode season in the UK – are based on the books The Inner Darkness & The Night Man. The first involves a race to catch an escaped killer before he strikes again while in the second the head of a girl is found placed on a spike in Larvik’s town square.

Watch it here.

Season 1 UK premiere date: Saturday, 28 December 2019.

Season 2 UK premiere date: Saturday, 15 October 2022.

Link to imdb page.

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