UK Premiere Dates for World Dramas in November 2022

This is a list of all world dramas (non-British or US TV) premiering in the UK in November 2022. The calendar above is also a handy guide to all of the major dates. If you click on the show name it will either take you to our specific show page (for shows marked with a *), to the relevant imdb page or for Asian dramas – to the relevant mydramalist page. On our show pages you’ll find a show description, a trailer where available & other useful links. Show descriptions & trailers (when available) can also be found via the relevant imdb pages and/or the show page on the relevant viewing platform. Links for the later are also provided when available in advance: primarily in the case of Netflix shows.

Young Royals S2 Netflix 01/11/2022 [Import/Sweden] [Netflix Original]

Bosé S1 Paramount+ 03/11/2022 [Import/Spain] [Paramount+ Original] [Weekly episodes]

We Are Now (Wir sind jetzt) S2 Star/Disney+ 03/11/2022 [Import/Germany]

El Presidente: Corruption Game S2 Amazon 04/11/2022 [Import/Chile] [Prime Original]

Scarlet Hill S1 Netflix 04/11/2022 [Import/Vietnam]

The End of Love (El Fin del Amor) S1 Amazon 04/11/2022 [Import/Argentina] [Prime Original]

The Secret of the Greco Family (El Secreto de la Familia Greco) S1 Netflix 04/11/2022 [Import/Mexico]

They Were Ten (Ils étaient dix) S1/LS Walter P. 04/11/2022 [Import/France] [*]

Black Sands (Svörtu sandar) S1 Alibi 06/11/2022 [Import/Iceland]

Behind Every Star S1 Netflix 07/11/2022 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Orig/Excl] [Weekly episodes]

Breathe: Into the Shadows S2 Amazon 09/11/2022 [Import/India] [Prime Original]

Revenge of Others S1 Star/Disney+ 09/11/2022 [Import Korea] [Star Original] [Weekly episodes]

The Stolen Cup (Robo mundial) S1 Star/Disney+ 09/11/2022 [Import/Argentina] [Star+] [Star Original]

The Tatami Time Machine Blues S1 Star/Disney+ 09/11/2022 [Import/Japan] [Star Original] [Anime]

Till Death S2 Netflix 09/11/2022 [Import/Lebanon]

Out Loud (A Grito Herido) S1 Amazon 11/11/2022 [Import/Colombia] [Prime Original]

Coroner S4 Sky Witness 14/11/2022 [Import/Canada]

Poquelin & De Beaumont (Police de Caractères) S1 Acorn UK 14/11/2022 [Import/France]

Hostel Daze S3 Amazon 16/11/2022 [Import/India] [Prime Original]

The Choice (Ben Gri) S1 Star/Disney+ 16/11/2022 [Import/Turkey] [Star Original]

1899 S1 Netflix 17/11/2022 [Import/Germany/International] [Netflix Original]

Elite S6 Netflix 18/11/2022 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Reign Supreme (Le monde de demain) S1 Netflix 18/11/2022 [Import/France] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Somebody S1 Netflix 18/11/2022 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Original]

The Good Detective S2 Netflix 18/11/2022 [Import/Korea]

The Great Game (Il Grande Gioco) S1 Sky Atlantic 18/11/2022 [Import/Italy] [Sky Original]

Señorita 89 S1 BBC4 19/11/2022 [Import/Chile] [*]

Frankie Drake Mysteries S4 Drama 20/11/2022 [Import/Canada] (Freeview Premiere)

Tokyo Vice S1 BBC1 22/11/2022 [Import/US] [HBO Max Original] (English/Japanese) [TV Premiere]

Upright S2 Sky Atlantic 22/11/2022 [+ Australia/Foxtel] [Sky Original]

Limbo (Limbo… Hasta Que Lo Decida) S1 Star/Disney+ 23/11/2022 [Import/Argentina] [Star+ Original]

The Unbroken Voice (Arelys Henao) S1 Netflix 23/11/2022 [Import/Colombia] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

We Are Now (Wir sind jetzt) S3 Star/Disney+ 23/11/2022 [Import/Germany]

First Love S1 Netflix 24/11/2022 [Import/Japan] [Netflix Original]

Blood & Water S3 Netflix 25/11/2022 [Import/South Africa] [Netflix Original]

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter S1 Netflix 25/11/2022 [Import/India] [Netflix Original]

The Red Door (La Porta Rossa) S1 Walter P. 25/11/2022 [Import/Italy] [*]

Birthcare Center S1 Netflix 26/11/2022 [Import/Korea]

Bad and Crazy S1 Netflix 28/11/2022 [Import/Korea]

Transport S1 Acorn UK 28/11/2022 [Import/Finland]


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