List of TV series available on Viaplay UK

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Last updated: Wednesday, 11 January 2023.


Below (Nede) S1 Norway 6 x 25-34m (Viaplay Original)
After a night out, Fanny is involved in an accident that kills her best friend and leaves her self paralysed from the waist down. Now Fanny is forced to move in with her sister, after years of avoiding her…

Beneath the Surface (Tod von Freunden) S1 Denmark 8 x 57-59m
For the past twenty years, two families have shared a tiny paradise, together in harmony, on a small island in the Flensburg Fjord. But after misfortune strikes, well-guarded secrets come to light—leading to distrust, doubt, and separation.

The Box S1 English language Viaplay Original 7 x 28-32m (Viaplay Original)
Detective Sharon Pici experiences a supernatural nightmare after becoming obsessed with an investigation. Now she must battle her colleagues and the station’s checkered past in a fight for her sanity.

Boys (Drenge) S1 Denmark 7 x 18-25m (Viaplay Original)
A group of choirboys sing in church on Sundays, while indulging in forbidden pleasures all other days. When one of them mysteriously drowns, the group’s unity and loyalty are put to the ultimate test.

Catch and Release S1 Norway 8 x 41-42m
A thriller about a brutal murder in a village in the North of Norway. The series tells the story of the individuals whose lives are turned upside down when tragedy strikes.

Cell 8 (Roslund & Hellström: Cell 8) S1 Sweden 6 x 44m (Viaplay Original)
Police officers Ewert Grens and Mariana Hermansson investigate the worst possible consequences of the death penalty, with repercussions that reach from Death Row in Ohio to the Stockholm Police Headquarters.

The Chosen Ones (De utvalda) S1 Sweden 6 x 15-17m
Twelve girls wake up in a secluded mansion, without knowing how or why they got there. They are locked in and are part of a medical experiment and if they don’t manage to escape they will die, one by one.

A Class Apart (Zebrarummet) S1 Sweden 8 x 39-43m (Viaplay Original)
When a student at the boarding school Tuna Kvarn is found dead, investigators are met with silence. However, suspicions soon turn to pupils from a disadvantaged neighbouring state school – until a clip triggers dramatic consequences.

The Congregation (Knutby) S1 Sweden 6 x 42-44m
Twenty-something Anna joins a pentecoastal congregation but soon the idyllic facade that surrounds it begins to disintegrate.

Countrymen (Jordbrukerne) S1 Norway 8 x 37-52m
Four men with dubious plans move to a farm in the countryside. More or less against their will, they end up as the founders of Norway’s first halal cheesemaking business.

Delete Me S1 Norway 7 x 25-30m (Viaplay Original)
Marion and Marit are about to graduate high school. But in a world where status is everything, they discover that a seemingly small act of jealousy can go viral and change lives forever.

Dough (Deg) S1 Sweden 8 x 42-43m
Malou starts leading a double life after she stumbles upon five million euros from a botched robbery. Clueless about how to launder the money, she purchases a failing bakery and unwittingly hires the robber’s wife.

Dystopia S1 Sweden 8 x 42-45m (Viaplay Original)
A group of friends set up to prepare for the biggest live-action role-playing game in the Nordic region, set in an abandoned production plant deep into the forest when something suddenly awakens.

The Eagle (Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé) S1-3 Denmark 24 x 53-59m
Junior detective inspector known as the Eagle is promoted to lead a special department set up by the national commissioner of police to combat international organized crimes across borders.

Exit S1-2 Norway 12 x 44-47m
In the exclusive world of Oslo’s wealthy elite, four friends seem to have it all – except a way out.

Face to Face (Forhøret) S1-3 Denmark 24 x 20-29m
Bjørn is called in to the morgue identify the body of a woman and is horrified to find that it is his own daughter. However, when the autopsy rules her death to be suicide, he refuses to believe it.

Fenris S1 Norway 6 x 41-48m (Viaplay Original)
Emma must travel to the small town Østbygda where her father, wolf researcher Marius has gone insane. Meanwhile, a local boy has disappeared, and rumors are swirling that he has been killed by a wolf.

Furia S1 Norway 8 x m (Viaplay Original)
Policeman Asgeir moves to an idyllic town in Western Norway. After a local conflict, Asgeir encounters the mysterious woman Ragna, and soon they are both caught in a web of radical right-wing forces in Europe.

Hammarvik (Lyckoviken) S1-2 16 x 40-42m (Viaplay Original)
When police officer Johanna Strand returns to her hometown Hammarvik to attend her mother’s funeral, she expects to stay only for a few nights but the body of a young woman is found and she decides to stay and investigate what happened.

Harmonica S1 Sweden 5 x 37-44m (Viaplay Original)
Sixteen years ago, Harry and Monica were living a glitzy life with their band, Harmonica. Now their marriage is in crisis. When nostalgia tour is offered, Monica gives Harry an ultimatum. Tour, or divorce.

Hidden – First Born (Hidden: Förstfödd) S1 Sweden 8 x 42-44m (Viaplay Original)
Jonas’ life is turned upside down after a serious accident. He begins to explore his true self, unaware that someone is after him. Slowly he is drawn into a tangle of mystery and ritual murder.

Honour (Heder) S1-3 Sweden 22 x 41-45m (Viaplay Original) *Seasons 2 & 3 are UK premieres.
Four partners at a law firm called Heder gain notoriety by helping victims of sex crimes and speaking out against patriarchy.

The Hunters (Jägarna) S1 Sweden 6 x 44m
Erik quits police work and hides himself away. He is reluctantly drawn back into police work when he helps Markus, the local mining entrepreneur. But Erik’s routine search for Markus’s attacker takes an unpleasant turn.

Huss S1 Sweden 5 x 87m (Viaplay Original)
Katarina Huss is a newly graduated police officer on the streets of Gothenburg. She soon discovers that her colleagues are carrying a great secret. How far is she willing to go to be a part of the team?

Ida Takes Charge (Ida tar ansvar) S1 Norway 8 x 20-21m (Viaplay Original)
Ida studies at the University of Oslo where she constantly worries about potential terror attacks. When she meets the loner Aksel, she suspects that he is planning a school shooting. Ida now must take charge.

Love Me (Älska mig) S1 Sweden 6 x 38-43m (Viaplay Original)
How do different generations handle love, grief, passion, and relationships? Meet doctor Clara still searching for the one, her little brother Aron— head-over-heels in love, and their father Sten, who finds unexpected passion.

The Machinery (Maskineriet) S1-2 Sweden 14 x 41-48m (Viaplay Original)
Olle wakes up on a ferry with no memory of how he ended up there or why there is a bag with millions in cash, a ski mask and a gun next to him. All he knows is that he must run.

Max Anger – With One Eye Open S1 Sweden 8 x 42-45m (Viaplay Original)
Max Anger is an ex-special ops soldier who has found love in his Russian colleague Pashie. But when Pashie suddenly disappears without a trace in St Petersburg, Max immediately sets out to find her.

Meaning of Life (Meningen med livet) S1 Sweden 8 x 27-33m (Viaplay Original)
Alva is involuntarily childless, whilst her sister Ellen has lost herself in the role of mother of three. Despite the jealousy between them, they try to support each other through life’s trials and tribulations.

The Minister (Ráðherrann) S1 Iceland 8 x 46-53m
Some have labelled Benedikt Ríkardsson an unorthodox radical, but this newly elected Prime Minister calls himself an honest citizen of Iceland. He will surely be a leader unlike any we’ve ever seen before.

Partisan S1-2 Sweden 10 x 42-51m (Viaplay Original) *Season 2 is a UK premiere.
Set in the idyllic surroundings of Jordnära, a gated community that runs a very successful organic farm. A man takes a job offer, soon learning about their unorthodox rules and routines.

Peacemaker (Rauhantekijä) S1 Finland 10 x 41-46m
Ann-Mari is tasked by the UN to negotiate peace in the conflict between the Kurds and Turkey. She is thrown into the middle of a political power play, and all involved parties are ready to do everything to reach their goals.

Penoza Sweden (Gåsmamman) S1-4 Sweden 34 x 42-44m *Season 4 is a UK premiere.
Sonja Ek has a peaceful suburban life with her husband Fredrik and their three children. But, everything changes when her husband is brutally murdered outside their home, and Sonja gets drawn into the criminal world to save herself and her family.

Pernille (Pørni) S1-2 Norway 12 x 27-32m (Viaplay Original)
Pernille always puts her loved ones first, raising two daughters and a nephew alone. But, at the same time, she has to take care of her crisis-stricken father – but when will she have time for herself?

Real Humans (Äkta människor) S1-2 Sweden 20 x 58m
What happens when robots become so human that they can barely be distinguished from real people? Real Humans takes place in a parallel world, in which people’s lives have been entirely transformed by the new generation of robots—Hubots.

A Royal Secret (En kunglig affär) LS Sweden 4 x 43-45m
The Haijby Case is the story of the ultimate forbidden love. Love kept from the public at all costs, which eventually got out and led to one of the worst miscarriages of justice that Sweden has ever witnessed.

Seaside Hotel (Badehotellet) S1-7 Denmark 45 x 43-50m *Seasons 4 to 7 are a UK premiere.
On the North Sea, Andersen’s small Seaside hotel opens its doors for the summer season. Regular guests from Copenhagen arrive, and the hotel staff works hard to satisfy the fine guests of the central city.

Summer with the In-Laws (Sommaren med släkten) S1-5 Sweden 51 x 21-22m
Jens and his wife Åsa pack up the family to spend the summer in the archipelago. However, the parents-in-law have no intention of handing over the cottage to Jens and Åsa but plan to spend the whole summer there with them.

Sunny Side (Solsidan) S1-5 Sweden 50 x 21-22m
A modern comedy where we follow the lives of two very different families in the well-known and affluent neighborhood of Solsidan (Sunny Side) in Sweden.

Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än vatten) S1-3 Sweden 27 x 42-58m (Viaplay Original) *Season 3 is a UK premiere.
When their mother asks them to visit, the siblings Lasse, Oskar, and Jonna return to the family’s lodging house on the island of Sunnanö, a place riddled with conflict and buried secrets.

Thin Blue Line (Tunna blå linjen) S1 Sweden 10 x 57-59m
An intimate portrayal of the daily life of four police officers, where the line between private and professional life blurs out as tensions heighten in the lively and crime-ridden city of Malmö, Sweden.

The Third Eye (Det tredje øyet) S1-2 Norway 20 x 42-47m
We follow the story of police detective Viggo Lust as he tries to solve a series of cases while trying to find his daughter, who has been missing without a trace for four years.

Threesome S1 Sweden 8 x 21-26m (Viaplay Original)
David and Siri are a young couple living in London. During a night out, they meet Camille. A flirty game begins. Boundaries dissolve. And out of drunken curiosity, they have a threesome.

Thunder in My Heart S1 Sweden 8 x 28-33m (Viaplay Original)
22-year-old Sigrid and her group of friends struggle as they come of age and strive to meet the unexpected demands of adult life while coming to terms with their own identities, pasts, and passions.

Two Sisters (Två systrar) S1 Sweden 8 x 20-26m (Viaplay Original)
The two sisters live together and share everything. But, with little sister Alicia about to move in with her boyfriend, Vanessa must fend for herself while Alicia tries to adjust to her new life of luxury.

Where Were You? (Håber du kom godt hjem) S1 Denmark 7 x 20-29m (Viaplay Original)
When 16-year-old Louise’s best friend Monica is raped, Louise is determined to bring the unknown offender to justice. But things get complicated when it turns out that he might be someone she’s in love with.

White Sands (Hvide sande) S1 Denmark 8 x 40-43m
Helene, an expert in undercover work, and German homicide detective Thomas, move together to the small coastal town where they pretend to be an average married couple. but they have secretly arrived to solve a murder.

Other scripted series available (non-UK premieres)

Acquitted S1-2 18 x 43-47m
Alex S1-2 12 x 41-48m (Viaplay Original)
Beck S1-5 34 x 86-100m
Black Lake S1 8 x 42m (Viaplay Original)
Box 21 S1 6 x m
The Bridge S1-4 40 x m
Darkness: Those Who Kill S1-2 16 x 40-46m (Viaplay Original)
Fallet S1 8 x 28m
The Hunt for a Killer S1/LS 6 x 43-44m
Jordskott S1-2 21 x 43-58m
The Lawyer S1-2 16 x 41-49m (Viaplay Original)
Liberty S1/LS 5 x 58m
Midnight Sun S1 8 x 52-55m
Millennium S1 6 x 88-89m
Norskov S1-2 16 x 36-42m
The Protectors S1-2 20 x 49-59m
Ride Upon the Storm S1-2 20 x 55-59m
The Sandhamn Murders S1-5 15 x 42-44m
The Team S1-2 16 x 56-59m
Valkyria (Valkyrien) S1 8 x 44-46m
Wallander S1-3 32 x 85-98m

Documentaries & other unscripted series

The Copenhagen Killer 3 x 42-46m
Crime Scene Sweden S7-8 14 x 41-42m
Henrik the Outsider S1 6 x 32-38m
Monster Jam S1 26 x 43m
Nadia Nadim – Game Changer? 2 x 45-56m
Natascha Kampusch – A Lifetime in Prison 3 x 46-60m
Operation Cannabis 2 x 42m
Palme: The Murder Investigation 7 x 45-55m
The Preacher’s Dark Side 2 x 41-42m
The Prize of Silence 4 x 42-49m
Scandinavian Star 6 x 58-59m
Surrounded By Enemies S1 6 x 33-43m
To Solve a Murder – The Helena Case 3 x 42m
Until Death Do Us Part 2 x 42m
Wozniacki & Lee S1 6 x 41-44m


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