International dramas on Disney+ UK

Click on the show name to go to the imdb page or on the episode timing details to go to the Disney+ page. Note that for the vast majority of shows the only option for English subtitles is closed caption.

Last update: Sunday, 30 October 2022.

All the Same… or Not (Tudo Igual… SQN) S1 Brazil 10 x 35-46m Age Rating: 6+

Carol and her friends prepare for a new year of going to school, to the beach, and having fun in their beloved Rio de Janeiro… but their friendship will be put to the test. Carol will deal with her mother’s marriage, her stepfather being her teacher, her insufferable half-brother and her friends’ personal problems. But they will stick together… or not.

Alternative Therapy (Terapia Alternativa) S1 Argentina 10 x 32-45m Age Rating: 16+

Selva is an eccentric relationship counselor who has made a name for herself with her unorthodox sessions. But Selva’s career hits a roadblock when she takes on Elías and Malena, a young couple who are seeking guidance on how to separate.

Anna S1 Italy 6 x 45-62m Age Rating: 16+

A mysterious virus has brought mankind to the brink of extinction. Anna lives with her brother Astor. On a day like any other, Anna goes to search for food, but when she gets home Astor has gone. Someone has kidnapped him.

Big Mouth S1 Korea 16 x 63-75m Age Rating: 16+

A lawyer with a ten-percent winning rate is caught up in a murder case and becomes the notorious and genius con artist, Big Mouse, overnight. In order to survive and protect his family, he tries to reveal the true colors of the privileged people involved in a huge conspiracy.

Blackout S1 Germany 6 x 46-48m Age Rating: 16+

As a sudden blackout plunges Europe into darkness, the past catches up with a former hacker.

Blowing Kisses (Besos el Aire) MS Spain 2 x 79-80m Age Rating: 12+

Blowing Kisses, a miniseries of two episodes, is an emotional romantic comedy with a touch of drama, that relates eight interlinked stories with quarantine as the backdrop, and love as the main protagonist.

Boris S1-4 Italy 50 x 23-39m Age Rating: 16+

Comedy set behind the scenes at the studios of a low budget TV show. The series ran in Italy for 3 seasons from 2007 to 2010 and was revived for a fourth season as a Star Original in 2021. All 4 seasons were added to Disney+ UK on 26 October 2022.

The Boss (El Encargado) S1 Argentina 11 x 29-33m Age Rating: 16+

Guillermo Francella portrays Eliseo, the superintendent of an upscale building. On the surface, Eliseo is cordial and docile in his role, but underneath Eliseo believes himself the omnipotent figure of the community — meddling in the affairs of residents and pulling strings as he sees fit. Eliseo’s only concern is protecting his job, which comes under threat by a proposed pool project.

Delicacies Destiny S1 China 16 x 43-51m Age Rating: 9+

A talented and kind chef, Ling Xiaoxiao, is accepted into the delicacy role of chef in an Imperial palace thanks to the appreciative appetite of the Crown Prince, Zhu Shoukui.

The French Mans (Mauvaise Pioche) S1 France 6 x 30-35m Age Rating: 16+

Vincent Piquet and Alban Burne, two losers, see their dull lives shattered when, following a misunderstanding, they uncover a conspiracy and find themselves caught up in the world of organized crime.

The Gloaming S1 Australia 8 x 50-56m Age Rating: 16+

When a woman is found brutally killed, the clues surrounding her death connect to murders both past and present. At the center of this web are two detectives who share a past.

Grid S1 Korea 10 x 52-57m Age Rating: 16+

Earth has survived catastrophic solar winds under the protection of the Grid, its planetary defense shield. Kim Saeha, an employee of the Bureau, encounters a murderer. Jung Saebyeok, a detective, is dispatched to arrest the murderer. While in pursuit of the fugitive, she witnesses an unbelievable phenomenon.

The Heartthrob: TV Changed, He Didn’t (El Galán. La TV cambió, él no) S1 Mexico 12 x 25-40m Age Rating: 16+

Former soap opera heartthrob Fabián Delmar lives his life in near oblivion after his heyday in the 90s as the lead role in the series “Serás Mía.” When Delmar — spurred on by a midlife crisis and the constant degradations of his twilight — sets out to make things right with the regrettable parts of his past, he struggles to find his footing in the modern world.

The Ignorant Angels (Le fate ignoranti) S1 Italy 8 x 42-61m Age Rating: 16+

When Massimo, Antonia’s husband, is killed in an accident, she discovers he was having an affair with a young man, Michele. Antonia, devastated by the news, finds herself investigating her husband’s secret life and forms an unexpected and deep friendship with Michele and his circle of eccentric friends, who were almost a second family to her late husband.

Insanity (Insânia) S1 Brazil 8 x 33-41m Age Rating: 16+

A personal tragedy causes young forensics investigator Paula to have a breakdown, which results in her admittance to a psychiatric hospital. There, she is pulled into the darkest and most terrifying corners of her mind by a mysterious doctor.

Intertwined (Entrelazados) S1 Argentina 10 x 42-54m Age Rating: 9+

Allegra dreams of joining the Eleven O’ Clock music hall company, but her mother, Caterina, won’t accept that. Allegra’s life changes drastically when she finds a mysterious bracelet that takes her to 1994, the year Caterina was her age and was starting her career in Eleven O’ Clock while she lived in Coco’s shadow. Cocó is Allegra’s grandmother. Will Allegra be able to change the past?

It Was Always Me (Siempre Fui Yo) S1 Colombia 10 x 38-56m Age Rating: 12+

When Lupe is 22 years old, her life suddenly changes after she learns that her father, a famous Colombian singer-songwriter, has died. Upon arriving in Colombia, Lupe meets Noah, a mysterious character who turns out to be her father’s assistant. Together they enter a television contest to investigate the truth about what happened to her father.

The Knights of Castelcorvo (I cavalieri di Castelcorvo) S1 Italy 15 x 20-26m Age Rating: 0+

Secrets. Mysteries. And frightening magical beings. The small town of Castelcorvo is not as rested as it seems and just a bunch of brave knight can keep it safe. Four kids – Giulia, Riccardo, Betta and Matteo – will have to solve mysterious enigmas and face their greatest fears to become the paladins who fight the evil that lurks in Castelcorvo.

Limbo… Hasta que lo decide S1 Argentina [Not currently available]

Sofia is a millionaire young heiress who seems to have it all: a glamorous lifestyle and a family that lets her go. She must return to Buenos Aires, the city where she was born, when she learns of her father’s death. Upon her return, she is forced to grapple with a complicated legacy that will reveal a dark part of her past. 

May It Please the Court S1 Korea 12 x 59-80m Age Rating: 16+

Noh Chakhee, the ace lawyer of the big law firm, Jangsan, becomes a public defender overnight. This legal mystery drama follows her involvement with another eccentric public defender, Jwa Sibaek, while taking on a serial murder case.

Mr. Inbetween S1-3* Australia 26 x 24-39m Age Rating: 16+

Juggling a relationship, parental responsibilities, friendships and a sick brother while earning a living would be difficult for anyone, but it’s particularly difficult for Ray Shoesmith since he’s a criminal for hire. (Seasons 1 & 2 first aired in the UK on FOX)

Not My Fault: Mexico (No fue mi culpa: México) S1 Mexico 10 x 39-48m Age Rating: 16+

Two years after her sister Liliana disappeared without a trace, Mariana receives painful closure when her body is finally discovered.Mariana’s pain empowers her to embark on a tireless mission to learn the truth about what happened to Liliana.

Nudes S1 Italy 10 x 21-24m Age Rating: 16+

Sofia, Vittorio and Ada: three different lives connected by a single drama in a small Italian town. “Nudes” brings together the stories of three teenagers as they come to terms with the non-consensual disclosure of their private images, revealing the pitfalls of social media.

Oussekine S1/LS France 4 x 55-65m Age Rating: 16+

On the night of 5 December 1986, 22-year-old Malik Oussekine is beaten to death by the police. ‘Oussekine’ is a four-episode miniseries about the Oussekine family’s fight for justice. It goes back through the events, shows their hopes and disillusions and paints the portrait of a country in turmoil.

Parallels (Parallèles) S1 France 6 x 34-43m Age Rating: 12+

The lives of four childhood friends, Bilal, Romane, Sam and Victor, are seriously disrupted when a mysterious event separates them, sending them into parallel dimensions. They try to understand what happened and strive to turn the clocks back, in order to return to their former world.

Red Election S1 International 10 x 45-48m Age Rating: 16+

Against a backdrop of international tensions, we follow our two female agents, one British, one Danish, who must join forces to avert a Russian terrorist attack on British soil.

Repatriated (El Repatriado) S1 Mexico 10 x 33-46m Age Rating: 16+

Leonel Reina is a young Latino boxer with dreams of becoming a champion. But Leonel’s dreams are derailed when he’s deported to Mexico and discovers that he was never naturalized as an American citizen. In a country where he doesn’t speak the language, Leonel unexpectedly finds himself reconnecting with his roots and making new friends who set out to help him find his way back home.

Revenge of Others S1 Korea 12 eps. Age Rating: 18+
A boy falls to his death at school, but Ok Chanmi does not believe that her twin brother, Park Wonseok, committed suicide. She transfers to her brother’s school in an attempt to uncover the truth and find out why the police and the school seem to have covered up his death.

Riot Police (Antidisturbios) S1 Spain 6 x 45-64m Age Rating: 16+

Six riot police take part in an eviction that goes awry and ends up with an immigrant dying. Internal Affairs investigates the incident. The officers decide to do everything possible to find their way out of the predicament. Laia, one of the Internal Affairs agents, suspects that the case is much more complex than it seemed at the outset.

Rookie Cops S1 Korea 16 x 56-65m Age Rating: 12+

A coming-of-age story that captures the challenges, spirit and passion of youth as two students at the Korean National Police University study to become full-fledged cops. Social and personal passions arise as two very different students work to achieve their dreams and aspirations in the line of duty.

Santa Evita S1/LS Argentina 8 x 37-48m Age Rating: 16+

After Eva Duarte de Perón’s death in 1952, her corpse is held for three years awaiting the construction of a mausoleum – a resting place that would never be built. In 1955, the military seized control of Argentina and hid Perón’s body from the public, fearing that it would unite the country against them. But they never imagined that in doing so she would become more dangerous in death than she was in life.

Shadow Detective S1 Korea 8 eps. (New episodes weekly until 16 November) Age Rating: 16+

Taekrok, an old detective near retirement, receives a threatening call from an unknown man and is falsely charged with murder. The blackmailer calls himself a friend and suggests a game. He orders Taekrok to review the past cases he was in charge of. The old detective desperately recalls the past to find out who the blackmailer is and discover his intentions. Can Taekrok finish this thrilling game?

Snowdrop S1 Korea 16 x 77-103m Age Rating: 16+

In this enduring love story set against the backdrop of Seoul in 1987, Yeong-ro, a female university student, treats a bloodied Soo-ho, a student from a prestigious university, who finds respite in her dormitory.

Soundtrack #1 S1 Korea 4 x 41-56m Age Rating: 12+

Eunsoo is asked to write lyrics for a song by a famous composer. But her lyrics lacks emotion of unrequited love and is therefore rejected. One day, Eunsoo finds out that Sunwoo has a crush on someone. She asks Sunwoo to help with her lyrics while he lives at her house. Who is the one that Sunwoo falls in love with? When did their story begin?

The Stolen Cup (Robo mundial) S1 Argentina 6 x 25-33m Age Rating: 16+

After investing all his savings to travel with his son to the World Cup, Lucho is shocked when the Argentine team gets disqualified from the games. He and his disaster-prone coworkers hatch a foolhardy plan to steal the World Cup Trophy.

Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t (Shiko Funjatta!) S1 Japan 10 eps. (New episodes weekly until 28 December) Age Rating: 6+

Ryota Moriyama, a senior at Kyoritsu University, receives a job offer at a first-rate company but gets dumped by Saki Nishino. His professor tells him that he can graduate on the condition that he joins the sumo club and competes in at least one match. With only a single member, Honoka Oba, for the past two years, the sumo club is on the brink of collapse. In order to graduate, Ryota endures Honoka’s strict training methods and starts to recruit other members.

Tierra Incógnita S1 Argentina 8 x 35-44m Age Rating: 16+

Eric returns to Cape Qwert to solve the mystery of his parents’ disappearance. Back in this town, he will meet friends and foes and will have to unveil the mysteries of the town’s horror- themed amusement park.

War of the Worlds S1-3* International 24 x 44-50m Age Rating: 16+

When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. Within days, mankind is all but wiped out, and as alien ships appear in the sky, the survivors ask a burning question – who are these attackers and why are they hell-bent on our destruction?

We Are Now (Wir sind jetzt) S1-3 Germany 12 x 42-50m Age rating: 16+

17-year-old Laura and her friends are due to graduate high school. Laura and Olli are dating, but Laura’s feelings are not always as clear and as deep as she would like them to be. She is unsure and, at the same time, feels attracted to Daniel. When Olli realises this, the situation escalates.

Weekend Family S1 France 8 x 25-33m Age Rating: 0+

Every weekend, Fred takes care of his girls Clara (15), Victoire (12) and Romy (9). Each has a different mother with whom she lives during the week. A new stepmother joins in this happy mix when Fred falls madly in love with Emma, a Canadian doctoral student in child psychology.

Women in Taipei S1 Taiwan 11 eps. (New episodes weekly until 23 November) Age Rating: 12+

I-Shan, a girl from Tainan, longs to go to Taipei. With a stroke of luck, she manages to find room to stay at her aunt’s apartment in Taipei, and begins to work hard. Frustrations arise as she finds no luck with her interviews and is then framed by her colleague. When a quarrel forces her out of her aunt’s apartment, I-Shan realizes that she is still an outsider in Taipei.

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