Walter Presents: Season 4 of Danish period drama Seaside Hotel.

Series description: Richly-detailed Danish drama set in the years 1928 to 1933. Young maid Fie becomes enmeshed in the hopes and intrigues of wealthy guests, and not-so-wealthy staff and locals.

Original title: Badehotellet

Watch it here.

Season 1 UK premiere date: 22 November 2019 (6 x 44-50m)

Season 2 UK premiere date: 4 December 2020 (7 x 45-49m)

Season 3 UK premiere date: 17 December 2021 (7 x 44-51m)

Season 4 Walter Presents UK premiere date: Friday, 2 December 2022

Seasons 1 to 8 are available in the US via Walter Presents on PBS Masterpiece as well as Walter Presents via Roku & Comcast Xfinity. Seasons 1 to 7 can also be watched in both the US & UK on Viaplay.

More detailed series description via press release:

Think Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie – a charming drama set beside the beautiful North sea sand dunes in 1920s Denmark. Chambermaid Fie is starting her first day of work at a rural beach hotel. Her father warns her not to fraternize with the bourgeois guests, but as secrets about each guest begin to unravel, the seemingly idyllic rural life is much more dramatic than Fie expected…

Fie is an 18-year-old girl from a working-class family, with a recently deceased mother and a father who is ill from a lifetime working at the mill. She needs to earn some money fast and manages to land a job at the Seaside Hotel. The hotel owner is immediately charmed by her good looks and quickly promotes her to chambermaid, which causes shockwaves through the normally strictly conventional hotel; the owner’s wife is wary, the other maids are jealous and the local, young farmer is intrigued by this pretty new addition to his client’s staff. As the annual visitors settle into their rooms, Fie begins to learn about old habits and new secrets, and as their chambermaid unwittingly becomes party to betrayal, murder and unexpected desires.

Seaside Hotel sports an all-star cast with Rosalinde Mynster nominated for best actress at the Robert Festival for her role playing Fie, and Anette Støvelbæk, who is married to International Emmy award-winning actor Lars Mikkelsen.

Series 4 info. via press release [Possible SPOILERS for earlier seasons]:

Don’t be fooled by the dreamy landscape in which Walter Presents: Seaside Hotel Season 4 is set as more deliciously dark secrets are uncovered this season. It’s summer 1931 by the North Sea and Fie is now in charge of daily management at the hotel. The newspapers are full of articles about the world crisis, but this doesn’t stop regulars from flooding in. The idyllic bathing hotel welcomes some regulars intending to escape the chaos. Fie’s younger sister Ane arrives at the hotel after being fired by the priest’s wife. She starts to work at the hotel but makes a number of unfortunate mistakes which have uncomfortable consequences. Mrs Aurlands seeks childcare from her son’s biological father, Mr Weyse, which has an unexpected effect on the otherwise self-absorbed actor. Two of the maids fall ill and subsequently a fear arises among the staff that there is something sinister in the hotel food. And relationships blossom between a few unlikely pairings…

Link to imdb page.

Other useful links:

Drama Quarterly interview with creators and writers Stig Thorsboe and Hanna Lundblad in advance of season 4


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