Walter Presents: Seasons 3 and 4 of Italian crime drama Ice Cold Murders: Rocco Schiavone.

Series description: Character-driven Italian crime drama. A cranky and unorthodox detective is exiled to the snowbound Val D’Aosta where he is confronted with compelling cases.

Original title: Rocco Schiavone.

Watch it here.

Season 1 UK premiere date: 30 April 2021 (More4) (6 x 95-97m)

Season 2 UK premiere date: 11 February 2022 (More4) (4 x 97-98m)

Seasons 3 & 4 UK premiere date: Friday, 9 December 2022 (6 eps.)

Seasons 1 to 3 are available in the US via Walter Presents on PBS Masterpiece as well as Walter Presents via Roku & Comcast Xfinity.

More detailed series description via press release:

An unorthodox Italian police commissioner finds himself far from his beloved Rome when he is transferred to a mountain station where a murderer is at large in ICE COLD MURDERS: ROCCO SCHIAVONE.

After getting on the wrong side of the wrong people in Rome, Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone is exiled to Aosta, a small, touristy alpine town far from the cobbled streets and fritto misto of his beloved city. Rocco’s talent for solving crimes is matched only by his disdain for the rules and his eye for a beautiful woman. But when a mangled body is found on the ski slopes, he soon discovers that his Roman sophistication – not to mention his expensive Roman shoes – are of little help in this dangerous and unfamiliar mountain landscape. With blood on the black run, rumours of mafia involvement and a murderer at large, Deputy Police Chief Schiavone is about to find himself skating on very thin ice…

Italian actor Antonio Manzini plays the foul-mouthed Rocco Schiavone and is a big star in Italy, having picked up 7 awards and 15 nominations.

Series 3 & 4 info. via press release [Possible SPOILERS for earlier seasons]:

Increasingly isolated in the alpine Aosta, exiled Deputy Police Commissioner Rocco Schiavone is back solving crimes with unorthodox methods in Walter Presents: Ice Cold Murders. When an ex-priest is found dead in the mountains, Rocco calls in sick and decides to work from his sofa. But he still has personal issues to face. Whilst Rocco hunts down a murderer, he is finally ready to deal with his own demons and finds the courage to return to the real world. As the detective navigates the old world he was exiled from, the gruesome murders don’t stop! The fiery detective is determined to solve complex cases while untangling the complexities of his own life.

Link to imdb page.

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