Walter Presents: Danish crime drama Grow

Series description: In this fast-moving thriller, newly graduated stockbroker Adam decides to form the largest drug cartel in Denmark. But the Justice Department, gangs, and even his own police officer brother Jakob, are in his way.

Original title: Alfa

Watch it here.

UK Premiere date: Friday, 20 January 2023. Episode 1 also airs on Channel 4 on Sunday, 22 January at 11:30 PM.

More detailed series description via press release:

When newly graduated stockbroker Adam learns that his dad has died, he runs from his anxiety-ridden every day back to his childhood neighbourhood. Upon his return, Adam finds himself captivated by the thrills of Danish biker life in which his late father’s roots lay. It does not take long before Adam’s integration into the grey norms of everyday society is compromised as he finds passion in a new purpose. Adam’s long structural life is mixed with personal ambitions, in desperation for power and fast recognition in the Danish drug market, where his cousin Simon has already set roots. Together they face obstacles on their journey to form a new drug cartel including immigration gangs, bikers, police, politicians – and finally Adam’s own brother, Jakob, who is a recent recruit of the police anti-drug division. It is up to Adam and Simon to remove all obstacles in their pursuit to become Denmark’s biggest kingpins. Walter Presents: Grow is a story that constantly changes between a breathless thriller, deep development of character and an at times dissident reflection on what happiness is in an apathetic society. It is a story about young people in a fearful hunt for purpose and goals.

Watch out for Lars Mikkelsen who stars in the series alongside real life brothers Andreas and Sebastian Jessen.

Link to imdb page.

Other useful links:

Drama Quarterly interview with writer and director Milad Avaz

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