The Weekly List (10-16 April)

New and returning world dramas The Plague S2 Acorn TV [Available since 05/04/2021]Hudson & Rex S3 Alibi 11/04/2021Harrow S3 Alibi 14/04/2021Law School S1 Netflix 14/04/2021Floodland S1 Walter P. 16/04/2021Leonardo S1 Amazon 16/04/2021The Hunter S1 Walter P. 16/04/2021Why Are You Like This S1 Netflix 16/04/2021 New and returning British and US dramas Fear the Walking Dead … Continue reading The Weekly List (10-16 April)


Walter Presents Belgian/Dutch co-production Floodland.

Identity, immigration and cross-border relations are just some of the dark themes explored in haunting new thriller WALTER PRESENTS: FLOODLAND (Grenslanders).   In the remote border region between the Netherlands and Flanders, a mysterious African girl  is found wandering around on the Flemish side. As the charming but nonchalant Belgian court  psychiatrist Bert Dewulf is brought … Continue reading Walter Presents Belgian/Dutch co-production Floodland.