The Weekly List (9-15 November)

New and returning world dramas Little Things S3 Netflix 09/11/2019 Mafia Only Kills in Summer S1 Walter P. 10/11/2019 Chief of Staff S2 Netflix 11/11/2019 Neighbours: Erinsborough High S1 My5 11/11/2019 The Club S1 Netflix 15/11/2019 GO! The Unforgettable Party CS/S2.5 Netflix 15/11/2019 The Stranded S1 Netflix 15/11/2019 The Yard (Avlu) P2 Netflix 15/11/2019 *Scroll … Continue reading The Weekly List (9-15 November)


The Weekly List (15-21 June)

New world dramas The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrian S2 Netflix [Available now]Yankee S1 Netflix [Available now]Gomorrah S4 Sky Atlantic 19/06/2019 Ad Vitam S1 Netflix 21/06/2019 Bolivar S1 Netflix 21/06/2019 Dark S2 Netflix 21/06/2019 Go! Live Your Way (Go! Vive a Tu Manera) S2 Netflix 21/06/2019 Continuing subtitled dramas Arthdal Chronicles S1 … Continue reading The Weekly List (15-21 June)