The Weekly List (25 April – 1 May)

New and returning world dramas Panchayat S1 Amazon [Available since 03/04/2020]Four More Shots Please! S2 Amazon [Available since 17/04/2020]Hasmukh S1 Netflix [Available since 17/04/2020]Normal People S1 BBCII!/BBC1 26/04/2020Blood S2 C5 27/04/2020Extracurricular S1 Netflix 29/04/2020Summertime S1 Netflix 29/04/2020The Forest of Love: Deep Cut S1 Netflix 30/04/2020The Victims' Game S1 Netflix 30/04/2020Almost Happy S1 Netflix 01/05/2020Into the … Continue reading The Weekly List (25 April – 1 May)