The Weekly List (18-24 September)

New and returning world dramas Voltaire High S1 Amazon [Available since 10/09/2021]Balthazar S3 Acorn UK [Available since 13/09/2021]Castle & Castle S2 Netflix [Available since 15/09/2021] (Nigerian drama)El Juego de las Llaves S2 Amazon [Available since 16/09/2021]Departure S1 5Star 20/09/2021 (Freeview Premiere)Jaguar S1 Netflix 22/09/2021Bangkok Breaking S1 Netflix 23/09/2021Blood & Water S2 Netflix 24/09/2021Ganglands S1 Netflix … Continue reading The Weekly List (18-24 September)

Walter Presents: Swedish drama The Inner Circle

Adapted from the novel I Maktens Oga by political strategist Per Schlingmann, WALTER PRESENTS: THE INNER CIRCLE exposes the scheming, dirty tricks and power plays that take place beneath the polished veneer of politics. While on holiday with his family, David Ehrling, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, gets a call from Prime Minister Elvira Kropp telling him that … Continue reading Walter Presents: Swedish drama The Inner Circle