The Weekly List (31 October – 6 November)

New and returning world dramas The Good Detective S1 Netflix 01/11/2020 Voice S2 Netflix 01/11/2020 Can You Hear Me? S2 Netflix 02/11/2020 Love & Anarchy S1 Netflix 04/11/2020 Paranormal S1 Netflix 05/11/2020 Fear by the Lake MS3 Walter P. 06/11/2020 Trackers S1 Sky Atlantic 06/11/2020 Wasteland S1 Walter P. 06/11/2020 New and returning British and … Continue reading The Weekly List (31 October – 6 November)


Walter Presents: Czech drama Wasteland

Set in the bleak landscape of Northern Bohemia, WALTER PRESENTS: WASTELAND (Pustina) blends social realism, intense psychological drama and a riveting mystery. In a close-knit village community in Northern Bohemia, the mayor of Wasteland, Hana Sikorova, is struggling against a large, foreign mining company that is eager to access the huge coal reserves that lie … Continue reading Walter Presents: Czech drama Wasteland