The Weekly World Drama List (2-8 April)

New and returning world dramas Harry Wild S1 Acorn UK 04/04/2022 Black Dog: Being a Teacher S1 Netflix 05/04/2022 Smother S2 Alibi 05/04/2022Wellington Paranormal S4 Sky Comedy 05/04/2022 Green Mothers' Club S1 Netflix 06/04/2022 Terapia Alternativa S1 Star/Disney+ 06/04/2022 Transplant S2 Sky Witness 07/04/2022 Dirty Lines S1 Netflix 08/04/2022 Elite S5 Netflix 08/04/2022 New and … Continue reading The Weekly World Drama List (2-8 April)


The Weekly List (3-9 April)

New and returning world dramas Wellington Paranormal S1-3 Sky Comedy 05/04/2021Snabba Cash S1 Netflix 07/04/2021We Children from Bahnhof Zoo S1 Amazon 09/04/2021 New and returning British and US dramas Midsomer Murders S22 ITV 04/04/2021Family Reunion S2 Netflix 05/04/2021Intruder SS Channel 5 05/04/2021 [*]Grey's Anatomy S17 Sky Witness 07/04/2021The Grinder S1 FOX 07/04/2021 [*]Meet the Richardsons … Continue reading The Weekly List (3-9 April)