Walter Presents announces premiere date for season 2 of Thou Shalt Not Kill

The hit Italian drama, WALTER PRESENTS: THOU SHALT NOT KILL returns to see moody detective Valeria face even darker crimes across Turin while she struggles to solve her own family’s mystery.

When the lifeless body of Susanna Bianco is found, the suspicions immediately fall on her husband, who has previously been accused of violence against his wife. But Valeria’s intuition tells her that not all is what it seems. Whilst helping the police to find the answers, Valeria is forced to confront her own demons and solve the most pressing and distressing mystery of all: her father’s death. Only her mother, Lucia, holds the key to the truth. With pressures from her work and her family life building up, will Valeria be able to keep her head before it all comes crashing down?

A former Miss Italy and popular morning TV presenter, Miriam Leone who plays the lead role of Valeria, successfully made the move into acting and is now a huge star in Italy, where she was recently nominated for the Best Actress Silver Ribbon in Italy, said to be the oldest film award in Europe.

Here’s a reminder of Walter’s introduction to the first season:

The series will premiere on More4 on Friday, 20 March and air weekly on that channel. All 6 feature length episodes of season 2 will be available on All4 – split into 12x50m episodes – immediately after the first episode airs on More4.


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