Walter Presents: French drama Torn

Walter Presents is heading back to France for Torn (Soupçons) – a new six part drama starring Bruno Debrandt (Spiral, Detective Cain), which may particularly appeal to fans of Walter Presents popular Dutch drama The Adulterer.

Victoire Delorme has just moved with her husband and their two children to a small village in south-eastern France where she works as a school teacher. At the end of the first day at pickup time, a seductive voice calls her name. The voice belongs to none other than Florent Malleval, her first love. Victoire and Florent are both married, both have children, and yet … the attraction is irresistible. They succumb to a passion that has never been extinguished. But just when they decide to leave their spouses, Florent’s wife suddenly disappears…

Here’s a brief (French only) trailer:

The full series boxset (6 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 12 February.   


2 thoughts on “Walter Presents: French drama Torn

  1. thought the actions were very predicable and the acting pathetic especially of the mistress and her cow eyed look whenever she saw the lover.


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