Walter Presents: Italian crime drama Redemption.

Series description: In a nocturnal and hostile Rome, Valerio must investigate the death of his son, an apparent suicide. The investigation is also a last chance to restore a bond with the son he hadn’t seen in years, facing the ghosts of the past.

Original title: Io ti cercherò

Other titles: Standing Tall (Australia & New Zealand)

Watch it here.

UK Premiere date: Friday, 2 September 2022. Episode 1 is on Channel 4 on Sunday, 4 September at 11:00PM.

Also available in the US via Walter Presents on PBS Masterpiece as well as Walter Presents via Roku & Comcast Xfinity from Friday, 26 August.

More detailed series description via press release:

Starring Golden Globe-winning actors Alessandro Gassman and Maya Sansa WALTER PRESENTS: REDEMPTION follows a determined father on a mission to uncover the truth about his son’s apparent suicide.

Ex-cop Valerio (Alessandro Gassman) is thrown into turmoil when news of his estranged son’s death reaches his isolated world.  Found sprawled along the bank of the Tiber River, everyone is certain that the young man committed suicide. Everyone except Sara (Maya Sansa), a stubborn police officer and old flame from Valerio’s past. Sara is convinced that there is something “off” about the supposed suicide and persuades Valerio to embark on a personal investigation that will prove to be an obstacle course. Driven by grief and regret, this journey will prove an opportunity for Valerio to come to terms with his own misgivings as a man and as a father. This captivating Italian drama sees Valerio plunged back into the life he was running from after losing his job, wife and the affection of his only son Ettore (Luigi Fedele). Will Valerio discover the truth and finally forgive himself?

Link to imdb page.

Other useful links:
Drama Quarterly interview with creators Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli and producer Verdiana Bixio

5 thoughts on “Walter Presents: Italian crime drama Redemption.

  1. I don’t understand, having watched Redemption, which was great, why Ettore was murdered in the first place. The series was so good and the performance of Valerio so real that I actually missed the reason for the murder. Could you enlighten me please? Thank you.


  2. OMG just finished Redemption and googled the same question, resulting in this page. Liked the show but the puzzle of the death of Ettore is so odd. May never know!


  3. Join the club. More questions unanswered than answered. No idea why he was killed. Liked the actors but why no explanation? Script writer didn’t have one ?


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