List of TV series available on MHz Choice

Last updated: Monday, 12 December 2022.

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1989: A Spy Story (Wendezeit) SF Germany 1 x 119m
As the Wall falls, a Stasi mole at the US Embassy in West Berlin is targeted by the CIA.

Aber Bergen S1-3 Norway 30 x 41-46m
Norwegian defense attorneys Erik and Elea balance their personal relationship with their professional partnership in this unorthodox, character-driven legal drama.

Acquitted (Frikjent) S1-2 Norway 18 x 44-48m
A Norwegian businessman returns to his hometown 20 years after being acquitted of his high school sweetheart’s murder.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games (Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie) S1-4 France 26 x 88-94m
Agatha Christie’s world-famous mysteries are delightfully adapted in a series of French TV movies.
*A new episode – actually the first of the episodes featuring these characters to air in France – is due to be released on 6 December.

Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party (Petits meurtres en famille) MS France 4 x 89-94m
Superintendent Larosière and Inspector Lampion are back in this four-part prequel to The Little Murders of Agatha Christie. The mystery begins when Simon Le Tescou is found dead in his home – and all of his children have motives for murder! Based on the novel Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie.

Agent Hamilton (Hamilton) S1 Sweden 10 x 42-44m
Jakob Oftebro stars as Swedish superspy Carl Hamilton in an all-new thriller loosely based on the novels by Jan Guillou.

Alex S1-2 Sweden 12 x 42-48m
A very bad cop desperately tries to go straight in this dark Swedish thriller.

Alexandra Ehle S1 France 9 x 87-90m
Quirky coroner Alexandra Ehle (Julie Depardieu) devotes herself completely to what she considers her mission: restoring dignity to the dead and giving them justice.

Algiers Confidential (Ein paar Tage Licht) S1 Germany 4 x 43-55m
A German police investigator faces danger on all fronts as he races against time to rescue a kidnapped arms dealer in Algeria.

Alice Nevers (Le juge est une femme) S1-2 France 12 eps.
A mainstay of French TV characters, Alice Nevers is an admired and effective criminal prosecutor. She has both a professional and personal partnership with police captain Fred Marquand as they investigate crimes in Paris that often shed light on the larger societal issues of the day.
*New series available from 3 January 2023.
*Season 2 available from 7 February 2023.

Alligator, The (L’alligatore) S1 Italy 8 x 49-58m
Marco Buratti (aka the Alligator) is an ex-con turned private eye in this modern Italian noir based on the novels by Massimo Carlotto. 

Allmen S1 Germany 4 x 87-88m
Humorous, fast-paced detective stories about the exploits of Johann Friedrich von Allmen, gentleman art thief turned amateur sleuth. Based on the novels by Martin Suter.

Alter Ego (Double je) S1 France 8 eps.
Quirky hijinks abound as a police detective solves crimes with her straitlaced new partner – and her imaginary friend!
*New series available from 27 December.

Amsterdam Vice (Baantjer het begin) S1 Netherlands 8 x 37-53m
Amsterdam, 1980: Rookie cop Jurre de Cock fights crime amid social unrest in this gritty reimagining of A.C. Baantjer’s famous detective.

Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen) S1-2 Austria 9 x 88-89m
Heino Ferch (Downfall) stars as Viennese police psychologist Richard Brock. Brock is a loner, blaming himself for the suicide of his wife and trying to reconnect with his daughter, newly graduated from the police academy. The only constants in his life are his housekeeper, Mrs. Anni and his friend Klaus Tauber, owner of the coffee house where he eats his meals.

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter S1 Sweden 6 x 88-89m S2 2 x 110-122m
Scandinavian crime series based on author Liz Marklund’s best-selling crime novels. Journalist Annika Bengtzon is fearless in her search for the truth, but her dedication brings her constantly into places of danger.
*Season 2 is a prequel from 2001-03 which starred Helena Bergström as Annika. Malin Crepin plays Annika in the main series.
*Listed as individual films on imdb.

Arde Madrid: Burn Madrid Burn (Arde Madrid) S1 Spain 8 x 26-33m
Comedy-drama about a right-wing party loyalist posing as a domestic, sent to spy on Hollywood actress Ava Gardner during her wild stay in Madrid in the early 1960s.

Arrival of Wang, The (L’arrivo di Wang) SF Italy 1 x 82m
Inspired by sci-fi classics such as The Twilight Zone, V and The X-Files, directors Marco and Antonio Manetti keep you on the edge of your seat with The Arrival of Wang. An Italian cult classic, it tells the story of an interpreter taken to a secret location by a mysterious government agency. She discovers that the person for whom she was hired is actually an extraterrestrial.

Arsene Lupin (Arsène Lupin) S1-2 France 26 x 47-58m
Gentleman burglar Arsene Lupin moonlights as a detective in this classic French TV series based on the stories by Maurice Leblanc.

Arsene Lupin: 813 (Arsène Lupin joue et perd) S1 France 6 x 57-62m
Framed for murder, gentleman burglar Arsène Lupin is caught in a web of intrigue in this 1980 adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s classic novel “813.”

Art of Crime, The (L’art du crime) S1-5 France 24 x 43-55m
He’s clueless about art and she’s phobic without him. But together, Captain Verlay and Florence manage to solve high-profile art crimes in the heart of Paris.

Awake (Wa’eet) S1 Lebanon 16 x 39-47m
A young woman emerges from a coma to a new reality and a straight-talking alter ego only she can see.

Banking District (Quartier des Banques) S1-2 Switzerland 12 x 47-56m
Thriller about power struggles, intrigue and secrets in a 300-year-old, family-run Swiss bank.

Bannan S1-5 Scotland 28 x 29-37m
In this Scottish Gaelic drama, Màiri MacDonald returns to the beauty and challenges of village life in her hometown on the Isle of Skye.

Barcelona Crime (Der Barcelona Krimi) S1 Germany 4 eps.
Barcelona native Inspector Xavi Bonet knows the city and its underworld like the back of his hand. His partner Fina Valent brings confidence and gumption to their detective work as they pursue criminals of all kinds in the beautiful Catalan metropolis.
*New series available from 24 January 2023.

Bastards of Pizzofalcone, The (I bastardi di Pizzofalcone) S1-3 Italy 18 x 97-108m
A ragtag team of misfit detectives solves crimes in Naples. Based on the bestselling mystery novels by Maurizio de Giovanni.

Bauhaus – A New Era (Die Neue Zeit) S1 Germany 6 x 42-46m
Weimar, 1919: World War I has just ended and students flock to the Bauhaus, the new art school that would shape the 20th century like no other.

Beck S1-8 Sweden 46 x 83-100m
He’s got no style, he’s got no flash and he’s squarely in middle age. But Swedish detective Martin Beck is good at one thing: methodically catching criminals so that they can be put away… for a long time.

Berken Case, The (Peur sur la Base) SF France 1 x 89m
Naval Officer Berken (Audrey Fleurot) faces a wall of resistance as she investigates the murder of a soldier.

Berko (Berko: El Arte de Callar) S1/LS Chile 4 eps.
Santiago de Chile, 1990: Sparks fly between an investigative journalist and a young escort with secrets as they investigate the hidden world of arms trafficking.
*New series available from 13 December.

Berlin Legal (Legal Affairs) S1 Germany 8 eps.
Leo Roth is a successful media lawyer who takes on high profile clients and newsworthy cases. Her only purpose is to win even as a treacherous mesh of political and private intrigue threatens to spill into public view.
*New series available from 17 January 2023.

Blood of the Vine (Le sang de la vigne) S1-5 France 22 x 88-94m
Benjamin Lebel is a luminary in his field: an internationally renowned wine expert who publishes a keenly-awaited yearly guide and a part-time sleuth whose intuition and nose are stimulated by puzzling murders. Set in the loveliest wine-growing regions in France,Blood of the Vine is a series of full-bodied, yet light thrillers adapted from the crime collection published by Fayard.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Blood on the Docks (Deux flics sur les docks) S1-2 France 8 x 84-92m
It’s war between the gangsters and the police in the port city of Le Havre. The two cops on the front line: Richard Faraday, a by-the-book kind of guy and Paul Winckler… not so much. Based on the novels by Graham Hurley.

Borderland (Über die Grenze) S1 Germany 4 x 86-89m
Gritty police thriller about a German father-daughter team working with French colleagues to battle organized crime in the German border town of Kehl.

Borsellino, The 57 Days (Paolo Borsellino – I 57 giorni) SF Italy 1 x 98m
Luca Zingaretti (Detective Montalbano) stars as Judge Paolo Borsellino, who on May 23, 1992 waited for a personal visit from his friend, Judge Giovani Falcone. He never made it. Traveling from the airport, Falcone, his wife and his bodyguards were killed by a roadside bomb planted by the Mafia. That same day began the 57 days in which Judge Borsellino defiantly lived and worked as a marked man.
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 31 August 2022 but seemingly still available as of 12 December 2022.

Broll (Broll + Baroni – Für immer tot) SF Germany 1 x 88m
Gravedigger Max Broll and retired soccer star Kai Baroni team up to solve crimes.

Bukow and Konig (Polizeiruf 110: Rostock) S1-4 Germany 23 x 86-88m
Bukow is a veteran cop who doesn’t mind working at the edge of the law to get results. Konig has a sterling reputation as an analyst and profiler and is esteemed by all who know her for her assessments and concentrated professionalism. Despite, or perhaps because of their differences, they make a successful crime-fighting team – when they’re not fighting each other.
Listed as 3 seasons on MHZ’s own website, 4 on Amazon Prime.
*Listed as part of the overall Polizeiruf 110 series on imdb.

Bulletproof Heart (Una pallottola nel cuore) S1-3 Italy 14 x 93-102m
Investigative journalist Bruno Palmieri throws caution to the wind and decides to overlook his fragile health and live with gusto. He’s ready to tackle new stories, eat good food again and reconnect with the love of his life.

Camilla Lackberg S1 Sweden 5 x 58-88m
Camilla Läckberg’s beloved characters return in a TV series based on three of her bestselling mystery novels. Set in Fjällbacka on the west coast of Sweden, Detective Patrik Hedström and his fiancée, the novelist Erica Falck, become enmeshed in complex crimes affecting all the residents of the tiny coastal community.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Camilla Lackberg’s Fjallbacka Murders S1 Sweden 6 x 88-100m
Based on the international bestselling novels by Camilla Läckberg. Erica is a successful crime novelist who has recently moved to the beautiful fishing village of Fjällbacka, on the dramatic and picturesque Atlantic coast of Sweden, with her policeman husband and three children. But simmering beneath her hometown’s serene beauty lie dark, hidden secrets, twisted desires and deceit waiting to erupt into the ultimate sin – murder.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Captain Maria (Il Capitano Maria) S1 Italy 4 x 91-98m
Captain Maria Guerra (Vanessa Incontrada) returns to her hometown of Puglia on the Adriatic Coast – a compassionate cop in a seaside world of trouble.

Captain Marleau (Capitaine Marleau) S1-3 France 25 x 88-108m
Offbeat Captain Marleau solves crimes in her own, Columbo-style way.

Caravan of Death (Ecos del Desierto) MS Chile 4 x 50-54m
Chilean drama based on the life of Carmen Hertz, a human rights lawyer who spent 40 years fighting to get justice for her husband’s 1973 political execution.

Cesare Mori (Cesare Mori – Il prefetto di ferro) MS Italy 2 x 98-100m
The true story of how Cesare Mori (“The Iron Prefect”) cleaned up the Sicilian Mafia is a little-known chapter of Italian history and spans the years from World War I to the rise of Fascism. In one night alone, he and his men arrested 300 delinquents and Mafia thugs who had taken control of the people and the economy of the Madonie mountain region in Sicily.

Changing Rooms (Vestiaires) S1-2 France 63 x 2-3m
When laughter and disability go hand in hand, nothing is off of the table.

Charlotte Link S1 Germany 3 x 88-89m
Gripping crime dramas based on the novels by acclaimed German author Charlotte Link.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Cheeky Business (3615 Monique) S1 France 10 x 20-24m
In the Parisian suburbs of the early 1980s, three college students come up with the revolutionary idea of a sex chat service, releasing the inhibitions of an entire country and ushering in the internet age.
*Releasing new episodes weekly until 10 January 2023.

Chefs S1-2 France 14 x 51-59m
Ex-con Romain finds family and a new life working in the kitchen of a gourmet Parisian restaurant.

Cherif S1-6 France 60 x 47-56m
Captain Kader Cherif is a brilliant and eccentric detective in this addictive, long-running mystery series set in Lyon.

Codename: Hunter (Kodenavn Hunter) S1-2 Norway 12 x 58-60m
Norwegian police analyst Dan Wester leads a multi-national team of undercover operatives with extraordinary powers. Codename: Hunter.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Crime Scene Cleaner (Der Tatortreiniger) S1-3 Germany 27 x 26-32m
In this immensely popular German comedy, Bjarne Mädel stars as Heiko “Schotty” Schotte – a man whose work begins where others pass in horror. He’s a contract cleaner, sent to sanitize crime scenes after the police have finished their investigations.

Dangerous Fortune, A MS Germany 2 x 88-91m
A breathtaking saga of love, ambition and intrigue in Victorian London, based on Ken Follett’s international bestselling novel.

Dark, Dark Man, A S1 Kazakhstan 3 x 43-49m
In this acclaimed film noir, a series of murders exposes deep corruption in a remote Kazakh community.

Daughter of the Law (Filha da Lei) S1 Portugal 20 x 36-46m
Chief Inspector Isabel Garcia faces the toughest case of her career: catching a serial killer targeting young women.

Days the Flowers Bloom, The (De dagar som blommorna blomma) MS Sweden 3 x 57-58m
Acclaimed Swedish drama follows the lives of three friends from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Deadly Tropics (Tropiques criminels) S1-2 France 16 x 46-54m
Fun, female-driven police mysteries set on the breathtaking island of Martinique.

Deliver Us (Fred til lands) S1 Denmark 8 x 55-58m
In this dark Danish psychological drama, five people in a small town plot a seemingly perfect revenge murder – but playing God has devilish ramifications.

Demimonde (Félvilág) SF Hungary 1 x 87m
The story of three women in 1914 Budapest whose passionate, bizarre and complex relationship can only lead to one thing – murder.

Detective De Luca (Il commissario De Luca) S1 Italy 4 x 99-111m (UK title: Inspector De Luca)
Against the backdrop of Italy’s political upheaval, Fascism and chaos during the ten-year period between 1938 and 1948, Detective De Luca does the one thing he knows how to do best: be a cop. He investigates and solves crimes in the war-torn city of Bologna and along the Adriatic Coast with little or no regard for those in power, whoever they happen to be.

Detective Montalbano (Il commissario Montalbano) S1 Italy 37 x 93-119m (UK title: Inspector Montalbano)
Murder, betrayal, office politics, temptation… it’s all in a day’s work for Detective Salvo Montalbano. Filmed in the ancient, sun-washed Sicilian city of Ragusa Ibla, the series is based on the international best-selling mystery novels by Andrea Camilleri and stars Luca Zingaretti

Detectives (Détectives) S1-2 France 16 x 42-53m
Philippe Roche, of the quirky family-run private detective agency Roche and Son, has never been one to take a case for money, much to the dismay of his father Maxime. Phillippe’s in it for the thrill; he loves to fight injustice, solve the unsolvable or use a case to get close to an attractive client. Now that the agency is on the verge of collapse, Maxime reaches out to Nora Abadie (Sara Martins, Death in Paradise), a no-nonsense former French intelligence officer, to bring some discipline to the endeavor.

Dicte S1-3 Denmark 30 x 42-48m (UK title: Dicte: Crime Reporter)
An acclaimed Danish drama about a divorced crime reporter with an uncanny knack for solving the cases she writes about.

Diplomat, The (Die Diplomatin) S1 Germany 5 x 87-89m
German intelligence officer Karla Lorenz is assigned to tough situations because of her smarts, tenacity and an infallible BS meter.

Don Matteo S1-12 Italy 266 x 44-87m
Terence Hill stars as Don Matteo, a thoroughly ordinary Catholic priest with an extraordinary ability to read people and solve crimes.
*Season 12 available from 13 December.

Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves (Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar) MS Sweden 3 x 58m
Three-part drama about the impact of AIDS on Stockholm’s gay community in the early 1980s, based on an acclaimed trilogy by Swedish author Jonas Gardell.

Donna Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries (Donna Leon) S1 Germany 18 x 86-90m
Murder, Venice, relationships…it’s a delicious concoction in the hands of crime novelist Donna Leon. Venice provides the backdrop for the lush film versions of the bestselling novels, which features the indelible Commissario Guido Brunetti, canal boat rides instead of car chases, fine cuisine and crime investigations in one of Europe’s most beautiful locations.

Double Life (Double vie) S1 Switzerland 6 x 50-52m
Contemporary Swiss drama about relationships, sudden surprises and fresh starts.

Embassy, The (La embajada) S1 Spain 11 x 62-78m
Spain’s new ambassador in Thailand fights corruption at work as his family implodes around him.

Empire of Seduction (De ontmaskering van de vastgoedfraude) MS Netherlands 4 x 46-50m
Based on the bestseller “The Real Estate Fraud” by Vasco van der Boon, Empire of Seduction is a four-part mini-series, inspired by real events, which surrounds the trial of two men accused of masterminding a massive real estate scam in the Netherlands.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Enemies (Ferdinand von Schirach: Feinde…) MS Germany 2 x 89m
Two-part thriller telling the story of a young girl’s disappearance from two perspectives: the police detective in charge of the case and the defense attorney seeking the truth.
*Listed as two individual films on imdb.

Enrico Piaggio: Vespa SF Italy 1 x 102m
In postwar Italy, entrepreneur Enrico Piaggio risks everything on his latest invention, soon to be the most famous scooter in the world – the Vespa!

Family, The (Porodica) MS Serbia 5 x 46-49m
Award-winning Serbian miniseries chronicling the three days leading up to the 2001 arrest of former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic.

Felix (Félix) S1 Spain 6 x 45-59m
Quiet writer Felix embarks on a quest to find a missing woman in this quirky crime thriller set in Andorra.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Fflam S1 Wales 6 x 22-23m
Sensual, taut Welsh drama about a woman whose new life is upended by a ghost from her past.

Fin Ar Bed S1 France 7 x 9-11m
The lives of three strangers intersect on the remote roads of Brittany, setting them on a breathtaking trip at the end of the world.

First Responders (Åreakuten) S1 Sweden 10 x 39-45m (UK title: Mountain Rescue)
Swedish procedural drama about an emergency services team in a remote mountain resort town.

Fog and Crimes (Nebbie e delitti) S1-3 Italy 14 x 91-101m
Franco Soneri and his team uncover what others would like to keep hidden; addictions, pedophilia, secret loves, and old injustices left over from World War II. These mysteries are based on the characters from the bestselling crime novels by Valerio Varesi.
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 31 August 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Fox, The (Die Füchsin) S1 Germany 7 x 86-90m
She’s a former Stasi spy and he’s an Arab importer: not your usual detective pair, but she’s got skills and he’s got connections.

Fractures (Vitjanir) S1 Iceland 8 x 43-50m
Female-led drama about a divorced ER doctor who moves back to her home village and confronts the ghosts of her past.

French Village, A (Un village français) S1-7 France 72 x 44-64m
This acclaimed drama is about the German occupation of France during World War II, and its effects on the inhabitants of a small village in Jura. In June 1940, the village of Villeneuve awakes to the arrival of the German army – and the next four years of occupation have a shattering effect on the lives of all its inhabitants.

Frozen Dead, The (Glacé) S1 France 6
A grisly find on a mountain in the French Pyrenees leads investigator Martin Servaz into a twisted dance with a serial killer.
*New series available from 20 December.

Gabia – Operation Cage (Gàbia) MS Spain 2 x 49-55m
Mallorca, 2009: In the aftermath of a deadly bombing, a troubled boat mechanic suspects a Basque tourist couple’s involvement.

Gasmamman (Gåsmamman) S1-5 Sweden 40 x 42-44m
Alexandra Rapaport stars as a suburban mom pulled into the criminal underworld to pay off her murdered husband’s debts.

Georges Simenon Mysteries S1 France 6 x 88-96m
Author Georges Simenon (Maigret) has sold more than 550 million copies of his books worldwide and is the third most read French writer after Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas. The nuance and turmoil of the author’s universe is captured for the small screen with these compelling adaptations of Simenon’s novels.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Gigantes S1-2 Spain 12 x 43-55m
The Guerrero family battles rivals, the police and each other to stay on top of Madrid’s criminal underworld.

Giovanni Falcone (Giovanni Falcone, l’uomo che sfidò Cosa Nostra) MS Italy 2 x 95-100m
In the real-life story of one of Sicily’s bravest sons, Giovanni Falcone tells the story of the war waged by an Italian judge against the Mafia during the 1980s and ’90s. Methodically, Falcone followed the money and exposed the vast hierarchy of criminal families across Italy and around the world. In acknowledgment, the FBI erected a statue in his honor at the FBI academy at Quantico, Virginia.

Gloria S1 France 6 x 48-57m
A woman’s frantic search for her missing husband leads to peril in this French reimagining of the hit BBC series ‘Keeping Faith’.

Good Year, A (Een Goed Jaar) S1 Belgium 8 x 42-46m
Twisty Belgian caper about a disgraced engineer and a small-time crook who hatch a plan to strike it rich – by claiming to find Hitler’s wine cellar!

Grace Harte MS Ireland 3 x 49-50m
In this moody Gaelic noir, a stranger’s arrival leads to tragedy for a couple running a dilapidated hotel on the west coast of Ireland.

Grassroots S1 South Africa 13 eps.
Set at a prestigious boarding school, rivals Asanda and Monwabisi have come to Johannesburg to chase their rugby dreams. The two boys bring with them dark family secrets which threaten everything around them.
*New series available from 31 January 2023.

Greyzone (Gråzon) S1 Denmark 10 x 44m
Dangerous events are set into motion when a brilliant drone engineer is taken hostage in this high octane Scandinavian thriller.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Hamilton S1 Sweden 2 x 86-104m
Mikael Persbrandt (Beck, Medicine Man) stars as Swedish super-spy Carl Hamilton in a new series of hard-hitting action thrillers based on the classic espionage novels by Jan Guillou. Hamilton’s latest missions take him around the world, from Afghanistan to Africa and beyond, and see him battling international arms conspiracies, terrorist threats and a kidnapping that hits close to home.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Happily Never After (Pabbahelgar) S1 Iceland 6 x 42-46m
A married couples’ therapist and mother of three finds herself suddenly single in this biting Icelandic comedy-drama.

Heavy Water War, The (Kampen om tungtvannet) MS Norway 6 x 44-45m (UK title: The Saboteurs)
Six-part dramatization of one of the most compelling stories of World War II: British intelligence and the Norwegian military’s heroic struggle to thwart Nazi Germany’s atomic bomb ambitions by sabotaging the heavy water plant in Rjukan, Norway.

Hidden: First Born (Hidden: Förstfödd) S1 Sweden 8 x 43-45m
A uniquely Nordic fantasy drama starring Izabella Scorupco (‘Goldeneye’) in a tale of secret identities and supernatural powers.

Hidden Theories (Teorias da Conspiração) S1 Portugal 18 eps.
Maria Amado is an investigative journalist at the peak of her career when a series of political and financial scandals drive her to question her beliefs. An influential lawyer, who’s on to her every move from a distance, operates in the dark to mislead what she unearths. Pedro Soares Teixeira moves about the offices of power as freely as he moves through the crime underworld.
*New series available from 28 February 2022.

Homicide Squad, The (La omicidi) S1 Italy 6 x 90-96m
A demented serial killer twists Dante’s poetry into pure evil in this blockbuster Italian crime drama from the writer of the seminal Mafia series The Octopus (La Piovra). The ancient meets the modern as the homicide squad scrambles to use the latest forensic technology as well as their own instincts to find the Dante Killer before he closes in on them all.
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 31 August 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Homicide Unit Istanbul (Mordkommission Istanbul) S1-3 Germany 20 x 86-88m
Inspector Mehmet Özakin is a by-the-book cop in Istanbul, constantly fighting a battle on two fronts: against the criminals in the city of 15 million on the one hand, and against the bureaucratic laziness of his fellow countrymen on the other. He always manages to solve his cases with Mediterranean charm and his trusty oddball sidekick Mustafa, who suffers from a seriously domineering mother and a case of Oedipal insecurity. Together, the unlikely duo chase down killers and crooks amid the stunning scenery.

Hotel Almirante S1 Spain 4 x 44-49m
A suicide in a luxury hotel leads to revelations from the past in this romantic drama set in 1940’s Spain.

House of Rocheville (La maison des Rocheville) MS France 5 x 91-96m
A stately mansion in the middle of a Bordeaux vineyard tells the story of one family, from 1904 to 1970. As one character puts it, “This house is alive. It will protect you if you know how to love it, but will destroy you if you betray it.”

Hunters, The (Jägarna) S1-2 Sweden 12 x 44m
Rolf Lassgard stars as a retired Stockholm cop drawn into a mystery in Sweden’s far north.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Imma Tataranni (Imma Tataranni sostituto procuratore) S1-2 Italy 14 x 55-119m
Deputy prosecutor Imma Tataranni cracks cases with attitude to spare in this entertaining crime series set in Matera.

Informer, The (Die Informantin) MS Germany 2 x 88m
A young law student with a checkered past is offered the chance to erase her criminal record in return for working as a police informer.
*Listed as two individual films on imdb.

Inspector Dupin (Kommissar Dupin) S1 Germany 10 x 87-88m
The rugged landscapes of Brittany provide a stunning backdrop for the adventures of transplanted Parisian cop, Georges Dupin.

Inspector LaBrea (Kommissar LaBréa) S1 Germany 3x 87m
Inspector Maurice LaBrea moves to Paris with his twelve-year-old daughter to solve crimes.
*New series available from 6 December with episodes releasing weekly until 20 December.

Inspector Manara (Il commissario Manara) S1-2 Italy 24 x 48-59m
The dazzling Guido Caprino stars as Inspector Luca Manara, a dreamy man and a supervisor’s worst nightmare. He dismisses procedure and refuses to kowtow to local power players, but he’s also without ego and a gifted investigator.

Inspector Rex (Kommissar Rex) S1-3 Austria 42 x 45-91m
There’s a new crime-fighter in town: Inspector Rex! After his handler is killed, police dog Rex teams up with recently-divorced Inspector Richard Moser to investigate crimes and solve mysteries on the streets of Vienna, with the help of their two-legged friend Stockinger.
*Season 2 available from 10 January 2023.
*Season 3 available from 14 February 2023.

Inspector Winter (Kommissarie Winter) S1 Sweden 8 x 58-59m
Magnus Krepper (The Bridge) stars as Inspector Erik Winter in this Scandi Noir based on author Åke Edwardson´s bestselling novels about the dedicated, yet tormented Gothenburg police detective.

Inspektor Max S1 Czech Republic 11 x 57-59m
Seventy-year-old Zoltan Max may be a rebel and a skirt-chaser but on the job he’s still got it… along with a millennial for a partner.

Irene Huss S1-2 Sweden 12 x 87-89m
Based on the novels by Helene Tursten. Irene Huss is a former ju-jitsu champion, a mother of two girls, and a Detective with the Violent Crimes Unit. At the VCU in Gothenburg, Irene encounters criminals serial killers to psychotic young girls and each case brings its share of quirks and quandaries, sometimes forcing the entire team to put their lives on the line.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Irish Crime (Der Irland-Krimi) S1 Germany 4 eps.
For years, Cathrin worked as a criminal psychologist, often on cases together with her husband Liam, a police officer. But one day ten years ago, Liam just vanished from the face of the earth. It took all of Cathrin’s strength and the support of her son Paul to get back on her feet after her emotional collapse and fall into alcoholism.Working private practice ever since, she is thrown back into her old life when Liam’s remains are found in a mass grave of dead children as a wide-ranging cons- piracy is uncovered.
*New series available from 14 February 2023.

Johan Falk S2-3 Sweden 11 x 91-103m
Special operations officer Johan Falk and his team use extraordinary methods and deep cover informants to take down organized crime in Gothenburg and beyond.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Johan Falk Trilogy S1 Sweden 3 x 104-114m
Jakob Eklund stars as tough Gothenburg cop Johan Falk in the three hit feature films that introduced the character to audiences worldwide. The Johan Falk Trilogy is a relentlessly paced thriller depicting a society under constant threat of a new type of criminality that operates out of the major banks and boardrooms of Europe.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Kennedy’s Brain (Kennedys Hirn) MS Germany 2 x 88m
Based on a novel by Henning Mankell (Wallander), this international thriller takes a mother on a harrowing search from Sweden to Spain and to Africa in search of the reasons behind her 27-year-old son’s death. Featuring Mikael Nyqvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) Rolf Lassgard (Wallander) and Bjorn Floberg (Varg Veum).
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Kieler Street (Kielergata) S1 Norway 10 x 45-46m
A former criminal living in a seemingly idyllic Norwegian town will go to any lengths to protect his new identity.
*Available in the US only.

Kinpika S1 Japan 5 x 50-54m
Revenge drama about a gangster, a disgraced politician and an ex-soldier who team up to get even with those who betrayed them.

La Permission SF France 1 x 90m
France, 1917: while mourning her missing brother, young Jeanne faces marriage with a man she doesn’t love. She’s resigned to her fate until a Sengalese rifleman who served with her brother shows up.

La Porta Rossa S1-2 Italy 24 x 49-61m (UK title: The Red Door)
In this supernatural crime thriller, a Trieste cop has a vision of the future moments before his death; now, he must stay on Earth to find his killer.
*Season 2 is releasing new episodes weekly until 27 December.

Law of…, The (La loi de…) S1 France 14 x 92-102m
No matter how serious the case, the accused has the right to be defended by a criminal defense lawyer. Who are those men and women who dedicate their lives to providing counsel for the defense?

Le Code S1 France 6 eps.
Idriss Toma is a powerful lawyer whose life is turned upside down when his is the victim of an attempted murder. While he miraculously survived, a piece of the bullet stuck in his head threatens to kill him at any time. He is now determined to devote his talents to ones forgotten by justice.
*New series available from 10 January 2023.

Les Secrets MS France 3 x 47-51m
Sarah and Alex seem to have the perfect life until tragedy strikes and Alex’s body is found at the foot of a cliff.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Library Thief, The (Bibliotekstjuven) MS Sweden 3 x 58m
Gustaf Skarsgård (‘Westworld’) stars as a librarian at Stockholm’s National Library who makes a small fortune stealing and selling rare books – until he is brought down by three of his co-workers. Based on a true story.

Lifelines (Cyswllt) S1 Wales 3 x 24-25m
An intimate Welsh slice-of-life drama offering a snapshot of life under lockdown.

Little Murders of Agatha Christie, The (Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie) S1-2 France 11 x 90-94m
Agatha Christie’s world-famous mysteries are delightfully adapted in a new series of French TV movies – sexy, witty and definitely addictive! Set in the 1930s, these iconic stories introduce two new investigators in classic Christie style: Superintendent Larosière, whose passion for beautiful women is matched only by his love of solving puzzling crimes, and his young colleague Inspector Lampion, whose modern sensibilities sometimes clash with those of a less-enlightened age.
*New series available from 6 December with episodes releasing weekly until 3 January 2023.

Living a Lie (Byw Celwydd) S1-3 Wales 22 x 47-49m
A captivating mix of personal drama and political intrigue set in a fictional Welsh parliament. Starring Catherine Ayers (Keeping Faith) and Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch).
*Season 3 available from 27 December.

Long Lost Silence, A (Les hautes herbes) SS France 3 x 44-55m
French thriller about a 10-year-old boy encountering secrets among the people who’ve taken him in for the summer.

Love and Bullets (Ammore e malavita) SF Italy 1 x 132m
In this musical action-comedy, a Mafia hitman turns against his boss to save the woman he loves.

Love In… S1-2 France 9 x 88-94m
Get swept away in this Gallic romance anthology – fall in love, see the world and practice your French at the same time!
*Films listed individually on imdb.
*Season 2 available from 7 February 2023.

Lulu the Bankrobbers Wife (Lulu & Leon) S1 Denmark 12 x 40-43m
Lulu is a smart and independent woman with her own beauty salon in the suburbs. Leon is a habitual bankrobber with a heart of gold. But when Leon is arrested and sent to jail on their wedding night, Lulu is forced take over the reigns of his criminal enterprise – and balance being a housewife and taking care of their two children while fighting to clear her husband’s name!
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Luther and I (Katharina Luther) SF Germany 1 x 105m
In 1523, Katharina von Bora leaves her life as a cloistered nun to join Martin Luther’s reform movement in Wittenberg.

Mafia Only Kills in Summer (La mafia uccide solo d’estate) S1-2 Italy 24 x 46-70m
In this quirky comedy-drama set in 1970s Palermo, nothing escapes the gaze of 10-year-old Salvatore.
He sees it all: the Mafia’s oppression, his crazy family dynamic and the magnificence of his first love, Alice.

Mafiosa S1-5 France 40 x 45-65m
The most dangerous man in Corsica is a woman! A gripping drama about the inner workings of a notorious mob clan after its patriarch dies and his young niece takes over as heir to the family business.

Magellan (Commissaire Magellan) S1-4 France 38 x 87-96m
Inspector Simon Magellan unravels crimes and mysteries in the fictional French town of Saignac. But that’s just his day job – he’s also raising two teenage daughters.

Maigret S1-9 France 54 x 80-105m
Sporting his pipe that seems a nod to Sherlock Holmes, the pragmatic, reserved and refined Maigret investigates murders in his singular unhurried manner and inevitably discovers the truth. To crack his cases he peels back the veneer of seemingly idyllic villages and neighborhoods, exposing the criminals who lurk in all levels of society. These feature-length films pay homage to one of the most brilliant detective minds of the the 20th century.

Makari: Sicilian Mysteries (Màkari) S1 Italy 4 x 101-111m
Saverio Lamanna returns to his native Sicily to write a book, sniff out criminals and solve tricky mysteries. Based on the novels by Gaetano Savatteri.

Make Love Not Kids (Faites des gosses) S1 France 6 x 46-51m
Heartwarming French comedy-drama about three very different families living in Paris.

Mammon S2 Norway 8 x 49-56m
Hard-nosed reporter Peter Verås uncovers conspiracies and danger in this award-winning, ripped-from-the-headlines Norwegian thriller.

Man in Room 301 (Huone 301) S1 Finland 6 x 43-48m
Dark Finnish thriller about a fractured family facing the consequences of their past actions.

Maria Wern S1 Sweden 9 x 85-88m
After the death of her husband, Police inspector Maria Wern moves to the picturesque Swedish island Gotland with her two children to start over. While struggling with raising two children as a single mother and still mourning her husband’s death, Maria manages to sustain her female perspective and approach to life in a harsh and male dominated environment.

Marnow Murders (Die Toten von Marnow) S1 Germany 8 x 45-46m
Detectives Lona Mendt and Frank Elling are on the trail of a serial killer, but powerful enemies stand in their way as a dark chapter in German history is uncovered.

Masantonio S1 Italy 10
Every year, 20,000 people disappear in Italy. In Genoa, it’s Elio Masantonio’s job to find them.
*New series available from 13 December with episodes releasing weekly until 31 January 2023.

Merjen S1 Malta 3 x 40-43m
A young mother struggles to survive on the hidden edges of Maltese society in this acclaimed, hard-hitting drama.

Mismatch (Face à Face) S1 France 12
Two half sisters – a cop and a judge – work together to bring criminals to justice.
*New series available from 20 December.

Miss Friman’s War (Fröken Frimans krig) S1-4 Sweden 12 x 58-59m
A delightful Swedish drama set in the early 20th century about love, friendship and equal rights for all.

Missing (Saknad) S1 Sweden 4 x 44-45m
Police inspector Maja Silver returns to her hometown in the Swedish Bible Belt as a terrible discovery paralyzes the small community.

Money Murder Zurich (Der Zürich-Krimi) S1-2 Germany 9 x 87-89m
Popular German crime drama about a disgraced lawyer who returns to his native Zurich to work as an unlicensed defender.

Mongeville S1 France 28 x 86-98m
Former investigating judge Antoine Mongeville teams up with a no-nonsense police detective to solve tricky mysteries in Bordeaux.
*Season 1 is releasing new episodes weekly until 10 January 2023.
*Season 2 available from 31 January 2023.

Movie of the Week S1-4 France 63 x 83-104m
A new French TV movie every week: drama, comedy, romance, fantasy, mystery and thrills. Vive la France!
*Films listed individually on imdb.
*Season 5 available from 28 February 2023.

Murder by the Lake (Die Toten vom Bodensee) S1-3 Germany 15 x 88-89m
With Germany, Switzerland and Austria sharing its shores, Lake Constance has stories to tell. German homicide inspector Micha Oberländer and his Austrian partner Hannah Zeiler try to discover its secrets and have a few of their own.
*Season 3 is releasing new episodes weekly until 20 December.

Murder In… (Meurtres à…) S1-9 France 90 x 85-100m
A gorgeous collection of mysteries, each one set in a different, picturesque region of France. Enjoy French towns and areas you may never have seen before!

Murders at Barlume (I delitti del BarLume) S1-3 Italy 16 x 76-100m
Quirky and comic Italian mysteries from the producers of ‘Detective Montalbano’.

My House is Full of Mirrors (La mia casa è piena di specchi) MS Italy 2 x 107-109m
Screen legend Sophia Loren stars as her own mother in this spellbinding biopic based on her sister’s memoir.

Nero Wolfe S1 Italy 8 x 94-98m
Curmudgeonly aesthete Nero Wolfe may be one of Rome’s finest investigators, but he’d rather tend to his orchids. Newly transplanted from the US, he’s ready for clients who pay well and don’t irritate him excessively. Based on the classic novels by Rex Stout.

New Adventures of Arsene Lupin, The (Le retour d’Arsène Lupin) S1 France 8 x 83-96m
Francois Dunoyer returns as the rakish gentleman thief Arsene Lupin in this 1995 series based on the novels and stories by Maurice Leblanc.
*Season 2 of Le retour d’Arsène Lupin on imdb.

New Nurses, The (Sygeplejeskolen) S1-4 Denmark 24 x 39-43m
A Danish hospital in the 1950s embarks on a radical experiment: training men as nurses.

Nicolas Le Floch S1 France 12 x 91-107m
Paris, 1761. Brilliant young Parisian police commissioner Nicolas Le Floch works under Monsieur de Sartine, the Royal Lieutenant General of Police. Louis XV’s kingdom is plagued by conspiracies and murders. With the help of his faithful subordinate Bourdeau, Nicolas solves mysterious disappearances and sorts out awkward scandals.

Octopus, The (La piovra) S1-10 Italy 48 x 52-114m
The Octopus (La Piovra) was a worldwide phenomenon, running for ten seasons from 1984 to 2001. This gritty Mafia thriller broke new ground as it explored wars between law enforcement and the global criminal network based in Sicily.

Ordinary People (Venjulegt fólk) S1-3 Iceland 18 x 21-34m
Icelandic comedy-drama following the ups and downs of a friendship between two young women who get offered their own TV show.

Pank S1 Estonia 10 x 49-55m
Young savant Toomas goes from convenience store clerk to banking mogul during Estonia’s post-Soviet economic boom.

Paris Police 1900 S1 France 8 x 46-59m
Paris, 1899: A young, ambitious detective is thrust into a murder investigation against the dark backdrop of La Belle Epoque.

Pension Metsa S1 Japan 6 x 23-27m
The proprietor of a guest house learns just as much about herself as she does about her guests as she hosts a rotating cast of solo visitors each episode.

Perfect Murders (Crimes parfaits) S1-2 France 26 x 49-55m
Quirky investigators team up to solve impossible crimes in this fun French mystery series.
*Season 2 available from 20 December.

Petra S1 Italy 4 x 78-84m
Solitary and tenacious Inspector Petra Delicado solves crimes in Genoa. Based on the novels by Alicia Gimenez Bartlett.

Pieges (Piégés) MS France 2 x 49m
Psychological thriller about a desperate woman offered a fortune to kill a man she doesn’t know.
*Available in the US only.

Premonitions (Prémonitions) S1 Canada 10 x 41-42m
French-Canadian supernatural thriller about a psychically gifted family on the run from a mysterious threat.

Professor T S1-2 Germany 8 x 58-59m
In the German version of this hit crime drama, a strange but brilliant criminologist helps the police crack their most puzzling cases.

Promise, The (La promesse) S1 France 6 x 54m
In this gripping French crime drama, Detective Sarah Castaing’s investigation into a missing child leads her to reopen the unsolved case that destroyed her policeman father.
*Releasing new episodes weekly until 27 December.

Promised Life, The (La vita promessa) S1-2 Italy 7 x 99-110m
The epic saga of a Sicilian family making a new life in New York City during the great Italian migration in the early 20th century.

Ramona S1 Chile 12
Ramona is set in late 1960’s Chile. It tells the story of the two sisters Ramona (Giannina Fruttero) and Helga (Belén Herrera) who leave their small home town in the countryside to live in Santiago.
*New series available from 27 December.

Redemption Road (Landgericht) MS Germany 2 x 98-108m
A German Jewish judge and his family are torn apart by the Nazis and World War II, and face even greater hardship to reunite and find justice after the war.

Reformation (Zwischen Himmel und Hölle) MS Germany 2 x 89m
A lavish two-part historical drama presenting the story of the university monk from Wittenberg who put the ‘protest’ into Protestant and rocked the religious establishment of his time.

Replacements (Ihon alla) S1 Finland 12 x 43-46m
A gripping Finnish medical drama set in the cutting-edge world of genetics and cloning.

Return of Arsene Lupin, The (Le retour d’Arsène Lupin) S1 France 11 x 53-56m
The gentleman burglar is back, played by François Dunoyer in a charming adaptation from 1989 -1990. Based on the novels and short stories of Maurice Leblanc.

Rivals Forever (Die Dasslers) MS Germany 2 x 87m
The epic true story of Adi and Rudi Dassler, sibling rivals who founded the iconic, world-famous sneaker brands Adidas and Puma.

Running Mate, The S1 Ireland 4 x 48-56m
A political candidate forms an alliance with an unlikely partner in this acclaimed four-part drama, set in Ireland during a general election.

Sandhamn Murders, The (Morden i Sandhamn) S1-8 Sweden 26 x 42-89m
Nordic crime meets beautiful island scenery in this series based on the popular novels by Viveca Sten.
*Seasons 1 to 5 contain single stories told over 3 x 45m episodes while seasons 6 to 8 contain standalone feature length episodes.

Scent of Rain in the Balkans, The (Miris kise na Balkanu) S1 Serbia 14 x 49-51m
Based on Gordana Kuić’s blockbuster novel, The Scent of Rain in the Balkans is an epic saga that follows the fortunes of a Sephardic Jewish family from 1914 through 1945.

Sekta S1 Russia 8 x 39-44m (UK title: The Sect)
Russian thriller about a team of deprogrammers who rescue people from cults – but their latest assignment pushes them to the brink.

Shadows of the Past (Les ombres du passé) SF France 1 x 89m
In this French psychological thriller, an executive accused of murder stands to lose his perfect life.

Speakerine S1 France 6 x 47-54m (UK title: The Announcer)
In 1960s Paris, TV announcer Christine Beauval crashes the glass ceiling and brings criminals to justice in a drama that’s part ‘Mad Men,’ part Agatha Christie.

Special Division (Հատուկ բաժին Hatouk Bazhin) S1 Armenia 16 x 44-62m
Only the best join Armenia’s Special Division, the team created to investigate complex crimes and bring criminals to justice.

Spin (Les hommes de l’ombre) S1-3 France 18 x 45-54m
French political thriller about two spin doctors pitted against each other in a tension-filled election campaign and the turbulent presidential term that follows.

Spiral (Engrenages) S1-8 France 86 x 45-67m
A beautiful young woman is found dead at a dump, her face beaten to a pulp. Leading the investigation is Pierre Clement, a recently-named public prosecutor, who teams up with Police Captain Laure Berthaud and examining magistrate Judge Roban to tackle the horrendous crime before them.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Spitfire (Treufoc) S1-2 Spain 20 x 44-54m
Dark thriller set in Mallorca about a special police unit hunting a serial killer.

Spring Tide (Springfloden) S1-2 Sweden 20 x 43-44m
A police trainee teams up with a homeless ex-cop to solve a 25-year-old cold case. From the producers of ‘The Bridge’ and the writers of ‘Beck’ and ‘Arne Dahl’.

Suite Noire S1 France 8 x 59-62m
Hard-boiled French crime anthology series in the classic B-movie tradition: seedy seduction, mind-bending plots, bloody murder and hard vengeance.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

The Swan Company (La compagnia del cigno) S1 Italy 12 eps.
Young music prodigies in a school in Milan struggle to find their independence within the halls while under the strict guidance of their orchestra’s director who challenges them every day.
*New series available from 21 February 2023.

Tandem S1-4 France 48 x 45-54m
Montpellier police investigators Léa Soler and Paul Marchal work together, are both single parents of teenagers and both recently divorced… from each other.

Tatort: Borowski (Tatort: Kiel) S1-6 Germany 36 x 84-88m (UK title: Inspector Borowski)
Detective Klaus Borowski solves crimes in the port city of Kiel with a unique mix of intuition and social awkwardness.
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.

Tatort: Cologne S1-3 Germany 34 x 83-88m
Smooth-talking Max Ballauf and his robust, level-headed partner Freddy Schenk are Cologne’s best homicide detectives – and two of the most popular investigators in the almost 50-year history of Germany’s iconic ‘Tatort’ franchise.
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.

Tatort: Lindholm (Tatort: Hannover) S1-2 Germany 16 x 87-90m
Lone wolf detective Charlotte Lindholm has an uncanny talent for solving crimes and fumbling all personal relationships.
*Season 2 is releasing new episodes weekly until 13 December.
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.

Tatort: Munich S1 Germany 14 x 86-89m
Croatian detective Ivo Batic has worked with Munich native Franz Leitmayr so long they’re like brothers: they know each other’s stories, butt heads occasionally and cover for each other’s weaknesses. It’s one of the most durable partnerships in the 50-year history of Germany’s iconic ‘Tatort’ franchise!
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.

Tatort: Streets of Berlin S1 Germany 14 x 86-88m
Berlin is sexy, deadly and dangerous, devouring unwitting victims and the cops who walk its streets. In this latest installment of the Tatort franchise, Inspectors Nina Rubin and Robert Karow team up as a uniquely competent and dysfunctional pair.
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.

Tatort: Weimar S1 Germany 7 x 86-89m
Another ‘Tatort’ odd couple with a twist of comedy. He’s intellectual and she likes to take action. Together, Lessing and Dorn keep criminals on the run in Germany’s historic city of Weimar.
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.

Those Who Kill (Den som dræber) S1 Denmark 12 x 39-46m
A criminal investigator and a forensic psychologist team up to track down serial killers in Copenhagen.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.

Time is a Killer (Le temps est assassin) MS France 8 x 46-52m
Psychological thriller about a Corsican woman trying to unravel a mystery that has derailed her life. Based on the bestselling novel by Michel Bussi.

Triggermen (Torpederna) S1-2 Sweden 12 x 44-45m
Swedish comedy about an ex-con with one foot in the criminal underworld and the other in suburban family life.

Tu Es Mon Fils SF France 1 x 94m
The discovery of a lifeless body triggers a mother’s murder investigation in this gripping French thriller.

Turncoat (Der Überläufer) S1 Germany 4 x 39-46m
Acclaimed World War II drama about a young German soldier torn between a sense of duty, guilt and conscience, who ultimately defects to fight with the Red Army.

Twin S1 Norway 8 x 44-47m
Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones, Beck) stars in this dual-identity thriller. After the accidental death of his upstanding twin, a ne’er-do-well surfer bum assumes his brother’s identity.

Typist, The (Die Protokollantin) S1 Germany 5 x 56-58m
A long-serving police secretary defies protocol to launch an unconventional investigation to find her missing daughter in this German thriller set in Berlin.

UFOs (OVNI(s)) S1-2 France 24 x 26-34m
An out-of-this-world comedy about a gang of UFO investigators in 1970s France.
*Season 2 is releasing new episodes weekly until 7 February 2023.

Undertaker, The (Der Bestatter) S1-7 Switzerland 40 x 57-60m
An ex-cop turned undertaker investigates strange deaths in this hit Swiss series.

Unni Lindell S1 Norway 12 x 80-87m
In this series based on the popular crime novels by prolific Norwegian author Unni Lindell, middle-aged detective Cato Isaksen (Reidar Sørensen) performs superbly at work while his personal life, on a good day, resembles barely-managed chaos. Careening between significant others and keeping up with three young sons by two different mothers, Cato tries his best to do right by all the players.
*Available on MHz Choice via Amazon but not showing on the A-Z list on MHz Choice’s own website.
*Each story (6 x 2 parts) is listed individually on imdb.

Unseen S1 Belgium 8 x 43-51m
Suspenseful mystery drama about a small Belgian village where people are turning invisible.

Vanishing of Pato, The (La scomparsa di Patò) SF Italy 1 x 98m
Based on the historical novel by Andrea Camilleri, The Vanishing of Patò is set in Vigàta, but it’s1890, Easter weekend. Two rival investigators look into the disappearance of Antonio Patò, a quiet accountant who vanishes after his performance as Judas in the town’s annual Passion Play.
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 31 August 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Varg Veum S1-2 Norway 12 x 88-98m
Trond Espen Seim stars as Norwegian private investigator Varg Veum, based on the bestselling novels by Gunnar Staalesen.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Vertical Line, The (La linea verticale) S1 Italy 8 x 22-30m
Heartfelt Italian comedy-drama about the patients and staff of a hospital oncology ward.

Voiceless (Bella da morire) S1 Italy 8 x 55-57m
Police inspector Eva Cantini investigates a mysterious disappearance in this atmospheric crime drama set in the Italian Lake District.
*Releasing new episodes weekly until 27 December.

Wallander S1 + S3 Sweden 19 x 87-99m
A lifetime of police work has left Detective Kurt Wallander with the look of a man who’s seen too much. In a spare and compelling performance, Krister Henriksson stars as the complicated detective beloved by fans of the best-selling crime novels by Henning Mankell.

War is Over, The (La guerra è finita) S1 Italy 8 x 52-61m
In this touching real-life drama, an engineer and a group of educators care for Jewish orphans after World War II. Adapted from Aharon Megged’s “The Story of the Selvino Children: Journey to the Promised Land.”

Wara S1 Senegal 8 x 43-47m
In this political thriller from Senegal, student activist Aïcha and law professor Moutari Wara fight corruption and violence in the fictional town of Tanasanga.

Waterfront S1 South Africa 13 x 46-47m
Gripping South African drama about the battle among siblings for control of their murdered father’s shipbuilding empire.
*Releasing new episodes weekly until 17 January 2023.

Weissensee Saga, The (Weissensee) S1-4 Germany 24 x 47-49m
A sweeping, gripping family saga of conflicting loyalties, love, hope, faith and betrayal, set in 1980s East Berlin.

Welcome to Hindafing (Hindafing) S1 Germany 6 x 44-45m
In this satirical black comedy-drama, the troubled mayor of a small Bavarian town faces pressure from all sides as he navigates political and personal pitfalls.

Wilder S1-3 Switzerland 18 x 55-59m
Swiss cop Rosa Wilder investigates mysterious murders in the Alps.
*Season 3 is releasing new episodes weekly until 20 December.

Wolfsland S1 Germany 6 x 87-88m
Criminalist Viola Delbrück and Detective Burkhard “Butch” Schulz are mismatched investigators in this atmospheric German crime drama set in the mountains of Upper Lusatia.

Wonderland (Romance) S1 France 6 x 48-56m
In this romantic fantasy-thriller, a man from the present travels back to 1960s Biarritz and meets a mysterious woman whose destiny is inexplicably linked with his own.

Young Montalbano, The (Il giovane Montalbano) S1-2 Italy 12 x 98-118m
Before Detective Salvo Montalbano became the seasoned and mature chief detective we already know, he was just Salvo, new to Vigata and new to being a police chief. He didn’t always live in that glorious house by the sea, or have Deputy Chief Mimi Augello as a best friend, or Fazio as a loyal assistant.

Documentaries & other unscripted series

Almost Perfect Crimes S2 France 10 x 50-55m
Arc De Triomphe SF France 1 x 52m
Bogre – The Great European Heresy S1 Italy 6 x 25-27m
Death in Leon S1 Spain 4 x 59-67m
Discovering the Vatican Museums S1 Italy 5 x 50-52m
Fire in the Sky SF Finland 1 x 52m
Florence – Palazzo Vecchio SF Italy 1 x 51m
Follow the Dordogne SF Germany [Available from 20 December]
Four Seasons in Rural Sicily SF Italy 1 x 50m
Gramsci SS Italy 3 x 29-30m
Henning Mankell: Homo Narrans SF Sweden 1 x 50m
In the Footsteps of Tintin S1 France 5 x 51-52m
Italiana S1-2 Italy 28 x 22-28m
Italy Sicily Gela S1 Italy 21 x 7-13m
Le Petit Tour S1 Italy 10 x 30-31m
Meraviglie: A Tour of Italy’s Wonders S1-2 Italy 12 x 43-56m
Night in Florence, A SF Italy 1 x 55m
Night in Pompeii, A SF Italy 1 x 61m
Night in St. Peter’s, A SF Italy 1 x 62m
Night in the Egyptian Museum, A SF Italy 1 x 58m
Night in Venice, A SF Italy 1 x 53m
Palermo – Renaissance SF Italy 1 x 52m
Paris 1900: The City of Lights SF France 1 x 53m
Paris: The Great Saga S1 France 5 x 52-88m
Passion of Anna Magnani, The SF Italy 1 x 52m
San Petronio SF Italy 1 x 51m
Sartiglia S1 Italy 12 x 14-17m
Timeless Louvre SF France 1 x 45m
Voice of the Body, The SF Italy 1 x 60m
Wild Beauty of the Pyrenees, The SF Germany [Available from 20 December]

Previously available scripted series

1864 MS Denmark 8 x 55-59m

Aldo Moro: 55 Days to Death (Aldo Moro – Il presidente) MS Italy 2 x 85-87m

Anno 1790 S1 Sweden 10 x 58-59m

Anti-Drug Squad (Caccia al re – La narcotici) S1-2 Italy 12 x 97-112m

Anti-Mafia Squad (Squadra antimafia – Palermo oggi) S1-2 Italy 14 x 92-104m

Antigone 34 S1 France 6 x 47-52m
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 30 November 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Arne Dahl S1-2 Sweden 20 x 56-88m
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Baantjer Mysteries (Baantjer) S1-4 Netherlands 52 x 41-52m

Blochin (Blochin: Die Lebenden und die Toten) S1 Germany 5 x 59-89m

Blue Eyes (Blå ögon) S1 Sweden 10 x 57-59m

Boyfriend For My Wife, A (Un fidanzato per mia moglie) SF Italy 1 x 88m

Braquo S1-2 France 16 x 45-50m

Bureau of Sexist Affairs (Le bureau des affaires sexistes) S1 France 21 x 2-3m

Cain S1-2 France 16 x 48-57m (UK title: Detective Cain)

Camorra Connection (Il clan dei camorristi) S1 Italy 8 x 88-98m

Case of Conscience, A (Un caso di coscienza) S1 Italy 6 eps.

Cenk Batu, Undercover Agent S1 Germany 6 x 97-98m (UK title: Cenk Batu)
*Listed as part of the overall Tatort series on imdb.
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 30 November 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Charterhouse of Parma, The (La certosa di Parma) MS Italy 2 x 103-105m

Churchmen, The (Ainsi soient-ils) S1-3 France 24 x 45-56m

Commander Hamilton (Hamilton) S1 Norway 4 x 45-50m

Corp + Anam S1-2 Ireland 8 x 49-52m
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 30 November 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Crime Stories (Verbrechen) S1 Germany 6 x 43-44m

Crimes of Passion S1 Sweden 6 x 85-93m
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Death of a Pilgrim (En pilgrims död) MS Sweden 4 x 58m

Detective Ellen Lucas (Kommissarin Lucas) S1-2 Germany 20 x 85-88m

Dirty Money, White Lies (Svarte penger, hvite løgner) S1 Norway 8 x 58-60m

Dolmen S1 France 6 x 88-92m

Donna Detective S1 Italy 6 x 95-110m

East West 101 S1-3 Australia 20 x 50-53m

Enemy’s Enemy (Fiendens fiende) S1 Sweden 8 x 45-55m

Executioner, The (Bødlen) SF Denmark 1 x 96m

Fabel S1 Germany 3 x 87-88m
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Fantomas (Fantômas) MS France/Germany 4 x 85-93m

Fat and the Angry, The (Ettor nollor) MS Sweden 2 x 88m

Flemming S1-3 Germany 20 x 44-88m

Force (Smeris) S1-2 Netherlands 20 x 47-52m (UK title: Strike Force)

Fourth Man, The (Den fjärde mannen) MS Sweden 3 x 58m

Frank Riva S1 France 6 x 89-101m

Godless, The (Van God los) S1-3 Netherlands 25 x 46-50m

Goodnight Darling (God natt, elskede) S1 Norway 3 x 59m

Half Brother, The (Halvbroren) S1 Norway 8 x 44-46m

In the Face of Crime (Im Angesicht des Verbrechens) S1 Germany 10 x 48-49m

Inspector and the Sea, The (Der Kommissar und das Meer) S1-2 Germany 12 x 88-89m

Inspector Coliandro (L’ispettore Coliandro) S1-3 Italy 20 x 94-112m

Inspector Nardone (Il commissario Nardone) S1 Italy 12 x 46-60m

Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries, The (Io e mio figlio – Nuove storie per il commissario Vivaldi) S1 Italy 8 x 87-101m
*Series consists of a 2 part story from 2005 (Mio figlio) and 6 episodes from 2010.

Johan Falk S1 Sweden 6 x 90-98m
*Seasons 2 & 3 still available. See listings above.

Kaboul Kitchen S1-2 France 12 x 25-34m

Lampedusa MS Italy 2 x 93m

Last Godfather, The (L’ultimo padrino) MS Italy 2 x 92m

Lola Upside Down (Lola uppochner) S1 Finland 6 x 56-57m

Look of a Killer (Tappajan näköinen mies) S1 Finland 8 x 42-43m

Luisa Spagnoli MS Italy 2 x 108-109m

Mammon S1 Norway 6 x 58-59m
*Season 2 still available. See listings above.

Marie’s Mind for Murder (Marie Brand) S1 Germany 10 x 87-89m

Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries (Collection Mary Higgins Clark, la reine du suspense) S1-2 France 7 x 87-100m

Medicine Man (Medicinmannen) S1 Sweden 8 x 42-46m

Miss Sophie’s Instinct (Sophie: Schlauer als die Polizei) S1 Germany 14 x 43-90m

Nele Neuhaus Mysteries S1 Germany 4 x 88-89m
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Nestor Burma S1 France 15 x 83-95m
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 30 November 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.

Palermo Connection (Il segreto dell’acqua) S1 Italy 6 x 94-108m

Paris S1 France 6 x 38-56m

Passenger, The (Le passager) MS France 6 x 47-50m

Prey, The (De prooi) MS Netherlands 3 x 47-49m

Private Eye Vares S1 Finland 6 x 87-93m
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Raid S1 Finland 12 x 37-46m

Sebastian Bergman (Den fördömde) S1 Sweden 4 x 86-89m

Song of Napoli (Song ‘e Napule) SF Italy 1 x 113m

Talisman (Talismanen) S1 Sweden 8 x 46-47m

Team, The S1 Belgium/Denmark/Germany 8 x 57-60m

Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än vatten) S1-2 Sweden 20 x 43-59m

Those in Power (Kronprinsessan) S1 Sweden 12 eps.
*Listed on imdb as 3 separate miniseries – the 2nd & 3rd being Kungamordet & Drottningoffret.
*This show definitely aired on MHz Worldview but may never have actually been released on the MH Choice streaming service.

Tito and Me (Tito i ja) SF Serbia 1 ep.

Torpedo S1 Norway 4 x 45-47m

Transatlantic Ties (Boris Giuliano: Un poliziotto a Palermo) MS Italy 2 x 102-105m

Turkish For Beginners (Türkisch für Anfänger) S1-3 Germany 52 x 24-25m

Van Veeteren S1 Sweden 6 x 86-97m
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Vendetta S1 Sweden 6 x 48-55m

W – The Killer of Flanders Fields (W. – Witse de film) SF Netherlands 1 x 98m

Wallander: The Original Episodes S1 Sweden 4 x 84-127m
*Listed as expiring from MHz Choice on 30 November 2022 but seemingly still available on MHz Choice via Amazon as of 12 December 2022.
*Films listed individually on imdb.

Wataha S1 Poland 6 x 37-54m (UK title: The Border)

Wilsberg S1-3 Germany 42 x 81-89m

Previously available documentaries

Almost Perfect Crimes S1 France 12 x 47-55m
Antarctica MS France 3 x 49-90m
Edward Snowden: The Interview SF Germany 1 x 30m
Helmut Schmidt: Life Questions SF Germany 1 x 87m
Matteo Messina Denaro SF Italy 1 x 55m


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