12 new shows for Walter Presents viewers to get excited about in 2023

These are just some of the shows that Walter Presents viewers in the UK have to look forward to over the next twelve months or so. Note that all release dates are estimates & are subject to change.

Faking Hitler (6 episodes) – Germany.
When reporter Gerd Heidemann hears of a diary written by Adolf Hitler, he can’t resist the scoop of the century. Except the diary is the creation of charismatic art dealer, petty criminal, and prolific forger Konrad Kujau. Faking Hitler follows the global media frenzy caused which cost Stern magazine the equivalent of 10 million euros – even Rupert Murdoch was fooled.
Expected release date: February.

Helsinki Crimes (Harjunpää) (8 episodes) – Finland.
Helsinki crimes follows Timo Harjunpaa, a popular detective known for his honesty and empathy for the victims, as well as the criminals. He and his partner Onerva Nykanen are investigating a wave of new murders taking place in Helsinki. 
Expected release date: February.

Top Dog (8 episodes) – Sweden.
A mysterious disappearance makes two separate worlds collide, creating an extremely odd couple – the lawyer Emily and recently released convict Teddy. They have two opposing desires – she wants up, he wants out. She wants to secure her future; he wants to leave his old life behind.
Expected release date: February.

The Wall (La faille) (8 episodes) – Canada.
In the middle of Quebec’s winter, Céline Trudeau investigates a strange murder that took place in Fermont, a small mining town on the Labrador border. The population is in turmoil and the whole city is under suspicion. 
Expected release date: February.

Inspector Ricciardi (Il Commissario Ricciardi) (6 episodes) – Italy.
Naples, 1932. Inspector Ricciardi leaves no crime unsolved, being able to see the ghosts of people who have died violently and listen to their last thought. But this extraordinary gift is both a blessing and a curse!
Expected release date: March.

Mobile 101 (Made in Finland) (6 episodes) – Finland.
Mobile 101 follows the formidable team behind the creation of the first Nokia mobile phone. The story begins in 1988 when Nokia is a small electronics company hoping to conquer the world with their new mobile phone technology. Katarina and Aki, idealistic and ambitious young lawyers, are thrust into the midst of an international court case, when the US giant Motorola sues Nokia for patent infringements. Meanwhile, Nokia engineer Risto sets out to design a better and smaller mobile phone, the “101”, which will change the world forever.
Expected release date: April.

Exterior Night (Esterno Notte) (6 episodes) – Italy.
1987, Italy is torn apart by acts of sabotage, bank robberies, shootouts, murders, and bomb attacked directed by far-left guerrilla group the Red Brigades. Each episode views the case from a different angle building a mesmerising multifaceted drama about irreconcilable ideals, acts of terror, moral duty, political expediency, family anguish and bitter betrayal.
Expected release date: August.

The Bank Hacker (De Kraak) (8 episodes) – Belgium.
Based on shocking true events, a teenager commits a daring bank heist in this high-stakes character-driven thriller. After two years in prison, professional con man Alidor Vaan Praet joins forces with 19-year-old hacker Jeremy Peeter in a robbery that could make them hundreds of millions in cash. But, as the heist unfolds and events take an unexpected turn, who is really in control?
Expected release date: September.

Dignity (8 episodes) – Chile/Germany.
A haunting thriller inspired by the real-life story of a German cult in Chile. Established by former Nazi soldier Paul Schaefer in a quiet Chilean town, the mysterious Germanic cult ‘Colonia Dignidad’ forged a decades-long history of torture, child abuse and murder within the walls of its vast compound, protected by General Pinochet’s dictatorship. Now, with a new government in power, Chile is finally ready to end Colonia’s violent legacy.
Expected release date: November.

The Empress (Maria Theresia) (5 episodes) – Austria.
Historical drama series following the life of the woman who ruled the Habsburg Empire from 1740 to 1780.
Expected release date: Unknown. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Walter had acquired the series for the US, UK & New Zealand back in September 2020 and the first two seasons (4 episodes of 5 in total) are already available in the US but there’s no sign of a UK release yet. Hopefully we’ll get all 5 episodes in one hit when they do get round to releasing it.

Murderous Fever (10 episodes) – Russia.
Based on a true story, this 10-part criminal drama goes behind the scenes on one of the most complex and shocking murder investigations in the USSR and shines a light on what it’s like to be a homicide detective risking everything in pursuit of justice.
Expected release date: Unknown. Walter Presents actually announced the acquisition of this series back in June 2021 but no release date has yet been announced for the series.

Unbroken (6 episodes) – Germany.
A police detective embarks on a tireless search to find her newborn baby after she is kidnapped while pregnant. A week after her sudden disappearance she wakes up, bloodied. Her baby is gone and she has no memory of the birth. When her colleagues make no headway in the investigation, she takes over and gets entangled in a web of suspicions and lies risking everything to get her child back.
Expected release date: Unknown. ZDF Studios announced that the series had sold to Walter Presents in the US & UK in September last year but no news yet on when the series might actually premiere.

4 thoughts on “12 new shows for Walter Presents viewers to get excited about in 2023

    1. We were told “sometime in March” but no specific date. Although these things are notoriously subject to change until dates are locked in – which only happens a week or so in advance – if it is still coming in March then presumably it will be on after The Wall finishes so probably not until right at the end of the month (Friday 31st).


    1. No date yet & the new episodes are only just airing in Italy (until 21 March) so it will probably be a while before they are released in the US & elsewhere.


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