Walter Presents: The Teacher

WALTER PRESENTS: THE TEACHER, a smash-hit polish crime thriller set in a beautiful town. The day before a new teacher, Pawel, arrives, the dead body of a teenage girl is found in the woods. When the original verdict of suicide is ruled out, Pawel is determined to uncover the truth whilst trying to hide his own secrets….

Just before the start of a new school year, three boys venture into the woods and discover the dead body of their classmate, Joanna. The police initially believe it to be a suicide but when the autopsy reveals she was brutally murdered, suspects emerge, including her jealous boyfriend. Determined to get to the truth, Pawel begins his own unofficial investigation which lifts the lid on a disturbing trail of political and business corruption in the town.

The Teacher broke records in Poland, becoming the all-time most viewed series on Canal+ as well as winning Best Fictional Series at the Polish Film Awards. Maciej Stuhr, who plays Pawel, is a big star in Poland, winning Best Actor and four times nominated at the Polish Film Awards.

The series (Belfer in its native Poland) has aired two seasons there so far and is Walter Presents second Polish drama after The Border (Wataha). The Border is due to return to Walter Presents for its own second season very soon.

The full boxset will be available to stream on Walter Presents via All 4 from the 2nd August

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