Walter Presents: Thou Shalt Not Kill

WALTER PRESENTS: THOU SHALT NOT KILL (Non uccidere) an elegant Italian crime thriller set amongst the dark and moody streets of Turin. Detective Valeria Ferro is a bit of a loner, stubborn, determined and particularly gifted when it comes to solving crimes motivated by jealousy, vendettas and repressed anger. Like all the best cops she’s a tortured soul, struggling to cope with demons from her own past, a past she won’t talk about…

Just as a father is broadcasting a ‘live’ TV appeal to help find his beautiful missing daughter, her dead body is found in a flooded basement. In the homicide division of Turin’s police force, Chief Inspector Valeria Ferro grabs the reigns of the investigation. Reluctant to accept help from any of her police colleagues, Valeria prefers to investigate her own way, digging deep and bending the rules to dig up secrets from the victims’ past. Meanwhile, dilemmas of her own past resurface with a vengeance…… Will Valeria be able to keep her head together to solve murder cases when there are still secrets running amok in her own family?

A former Miss Italy and popular TV presenter, Miriam Leone who plays the lead role of Valeria, successfully made the move into acting and is now a huge star in Italy, where she was recently nominated for the Best Actress Silver Ribbon award in Italy, said to be the oldest film award in Europe.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL begins with a double episode premiere on Friday the 9th August on More4 and then airs a new episode weekly and will also be available on catch up on Walter Presents via All 4

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