July World Drama Highlights (and full list of releases).

July Highlights

The Score (Spitsbroers) S1+S2 Walter P. 05/07/2019
Departure S1 Universal 10/07/2019
Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen) S3 Netflix 12/07/2019
Harrow S2 Alibi 16/07/2019
Money Heist (La casa de papel) S3 Netflix 19/07/2019
Typewriter S1 Netflix 19/07/2019
The Swingers S3 Walter P. 21/07/2019
False Flag S2 FOX 28/07/2019
800 Words S3 BBC1 29/07/2019
Der Pass S1 Sky Atlantic 31/07/2019
Nicolas Le Floch S1, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Amazon

Other July releases

Are You Human? S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Descendants of the Sun S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Designated Survivor: 60 Days S1 Netflix 01/07/2019 [*]
Fight for My Way S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Good Manager (Chief Kim) S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Hit the Top (The Best Hit) S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
My Golden Life S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Private Eyes S3 Universal 01/07/2019 [*]
Queen for Seven Days S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Radio Romance S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
School 2017 S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection S1 Netflix 02/07/2019 [*]
Bangkok Love Stories: Plead S1 Netflix 02/07/2019 [*]
Lost Girl S5 Pick TV 04/07/2019 (Freeview Premiere)
Kakegurui S2 Netflix 04/07/2019
The Legend of White Snake S1 Netflix 05/07/2019
Luis Miguel: The Series S1 Netflix 12/07/2019
PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons S1 Netflix 12/07/2019
Red Rock S3P2 BBC1 15/07/2019 [*]
Unrequited Love S1 Netflix 16/07/2019
Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung S1 Netflix 17/07/2019 [*]
Sexy Central S1 Netflix 19/07/2019
Sleepless Society: Nyctophobia S1 Netflix 25/07/2019
Workin’ Moms S2 Netflix 25/07/2019 [*]
My First First Love S2 Netflix 26/07/2019 [*]
The Letdown S2 Netflix 31/07/2019 [*]

The following series (listed alphabetically) have also recently been added to Amazon Prime. They include any subtitled shows in the “added in the last 60 days” section of prime which haven’t appeared on a previous monthly list.  

The Admiral: Love and Fate in Time of War S1
Anna German S1
Caribbean Thunder S1
Decoded S1
Dr. Qin S1
Dream Change Laundromat MS
Fauji S1
From Survivor to Healer S1
Full Disclosure S2
The Fury (Rapl) S1
Guardian S1
Hearts of Citizens S2
Hold-Up (L’Attaque) MS
The Immortals of Brazil S1
In Youth S1
Juan Happy Love Story S1
Khuda Aur Mohabbat S1
The Longest Day in Chang’an S1 (Ongoing/weekly episodes)
Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai S1
Mu Guiying Takes Command S1
Mysterious Nurse MS
Novoland: Eagle Flag S1 (Ongoing/weekly episodes)
The Optimists S1
Osea! S1
Peony Pavilion S1
The Prince of Han Dynasty S1-3
Russian Beauty S1
Salute to My Youth S1
Shaktimaan S1-4
The Spy War S2
Tere Bina S1
The Ugly Queen S1
The White Guard S1

For further details of all the July highlights and of the shows under other releases marked with a [*] I would refer you to our weekly lists of new releases. These lists are published each Friday and cover known new releases for the subsequent seven days. The links relevant to this list are as follows: 29 June-5 July, 6-12 July, 13-19 July, 20-26 July and 27 July – 2 August.

*In the following section: clicking on the series name will usually take you to the imdb page, their mydramalist.com page (most Asian dramas) or their elcinema.com page (Arabic language dramas) and clicking on the name of the channel/streaming platform will take you to where you can watch (Now TV links are preferred for Sky shows) if available at time of posting. Trailers & other links are as indicated by the text. A credit here too for the uknewonnetflix.info page without which it would be just about impossible to keep track of the many new Netflix additions that receive just about zero pre-promotion.

Other July releases

Are You Human? (Are You Human Too?) S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“When a prominent brain scientist and artificial intelligence expert is forced to part with her son, she creates an android robot in his exact likeness”. Korean drama.

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“A successful executive is determined to do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves, then meets a travel agent, who may be linked to his past”. Korean drama.

Descendants of the Sun S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“After a chance meeting in a hospital, an ardent soldier falls for a gifted surgeon. Opposing philosophies tear them apart, but fate has other plans”. Korean drama.

Fight for My Way S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“A former taekwondo champion and an information desk worker aspire to chase their dreams in a world that isn’t kind to those with mediocre credentials”. Korean drama.

Good Manager (Chief Kim) S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“An accountant who’s deft at embezzling funds becomes an unintentional hero to his colleagues when he gets a new corporate job”. Korean drama.

Hit the Top (The Best Hit) S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“Childhood friends Lee Ji-hun and Choe U-seung are studying for the civil service exam, but things get complicated when a mysterious stranger appears”. Korean drama.

My Golden Life S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“A hardworking contract worker desperate for a full-time job finds her life turning upside down after an unexpected revelation about her family”. Korean drama.

Queen for Seven Days S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“In the Joseon period, a noblewoman from a powerful clan marries the Crown Prince but is deposed after only seven days as queen when he becomes king”. Korean drama.

Radio Romance S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“An assistant writer for a radio program with mediocre skills manages to cast a well-known actor, who can’t say anything without a script”. Korean drama.

School 2017 S1 Netflix 01/07/2019
“The popular series is back, as students contend with new problems and learn life lessons while dealing with the pressures of growing up. Korean drama.

Kakegurui S2 Netflix 04/07/2019
Yumeko Jabami enrolls at Hyakkaou Private Academy, where students are ranked by their gambling winnings and fame and fortune awaits those on top. Japanese drama.

Lost Girl S5 Pick TV 04/07/2019 (Freeview Premiere)
The Canadian supernatural drama, which follows bisexual succubus Bo as she navigates the Fae world with the help of her human friend Kenzi, continues its freeview run on Pick TV airing from Monday to Friday at 8.00pm. This is the 5th and final season. Trailer.

The Legend of White Snake S1 Netflix 05/07/2019
“In this new take on a classic tale, an ancient snake spirit transforms into a beautiful woman and falls in love with a doctor unaware of her true form”. Chinese drama.

Luis Miguel: The Series S1 Netflix 12/07/2019
“This series dramatizes the life story of Mexican superstar singer Luis Miguel, who has captivatedaudiences in Latin America and beyond for decades”.

PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons S1 Netflix 12/07/2019
“As turmoil looms in the Martial World, and the Eight Wonders of the Evil Dragon unleashes dark forces, who will emerge as the new warrior legend?” Taiwanese puppet drama.

Unrequited Love S1 Netflix 16/07/2019
“A complicated, one-sided secret attraction sends ripples through the lives of a mild-mannered student and her dashing classmate”. Chinese drama.

Sexy Central S1 Netflix 19/07/2019
“In the bustling center of Hong Kong, five young women reckon with betrayal, unrequited love and other matters of the heart”. Hong Kong drama.

Sleepless Society: Nyctophobia S1 Netflix 25/07/2019
“Following the death of her child, a grief-stricken woman struggles to find peace until a mysterious boy appears, claiming to be her reincarnated son”. Thai drama.

The Admiral: Love and Fate in Time of War S1 Amazon
“This is the gripping story of admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, an Imperial Russian general who later advanced to Supreme Ruler of Russia. In his advancement through the ranks, he falls in love with the beautiful Anna Timireva. The problem is… they are both already married. With Russia in the midst of a terrible war, Kolchak must find a balance within himself, and his country”.

Anna German S1 Amazon
“Anna German was a hugely popular Polish singer whose life was marred by tragedy. Known as the ‘White Angel of Polish Song’, she recorded dozens of albums during her short career and was admired and adored by all Polish people including Pope John Paul II. Her extraordinary voice and unique interpretation continue to inspire her many fans”. Russian drama.

Caribbean Thunder (Angeli & diamanti) S1 Amazon
“After a multi-million diamond robbery in Italy, special agents Chiara, Giorgia and Laura travel to the Caribbean to investigate on Giovanni Rossetti, a technology and finance expert, and also a renown diamond thief”. Italian drama from 2011.

Decoded S1 Amazon
“When an unknown Country X sends the dangerous spy known as “The Awakener” to infiltrate China using an advanced coded communication system known as “Purple Secret,” the government can’t seem to crack the code. Dang Zheng goes on a recruiting mission to find the brightest talents that can help the country fight back against the proliferating evil spy network”. Chinese drama.

Dr. Qin S1 Amazon
“Qin Ming (Zhang Ruo Yun) is an eccentric medical examiner who has an unusual way of doing things. When Ming is given a new assistant with Li Da Bao (Jiao Jun Yan), he figures it’s only a matter of time before she too quits on him. But Da Bao proves herself to be made for the job and able to discern the smallest details that help in investigating a crime drama”. Chinese drama.

Dream Change Laundromat MS Amazon
“Dream Change Laundromat is operated by a witch-crafted woman who can erase a person’s memory. Even though a sad couple erased their memory, they wouldn’t forget the feeling. A fantasy love story like a falling petal”. Korean drama.

Fauji S1 Amazon
“This is a drama series about commandos joining the army training school. Their life, their pranks and their punishments are show-cased through various characters of the serial”. Indian drama.

From Survivor to Healer S1 Amazon
“Urban psychological health drama series. The series tells the story of the ups and downs of Yan Shuren, a psychiatrist, and Sun Shu, a psychologist, from an unexpected breakup eight years ago to a reunion in the end”. Chinese drama.

Full Disclosure (Solo per amore) S2 Amazon
“Elena and Pietro are happily married, wealthy and proud parents. When Pietro is kidnapped, Elena’s life becomes a nightmare again: when she was young, she was also kidnapped. The new investigation is led by Giordano Testa, who rescued Elena years ago”. Amazon link leads to season 1 as the season 2 blurb contains a huge spoiler fo anyone who hasn’t yet seen season 1. Italian drama.

The Fury (Rapl) S1 Amazon
“A reclusive but fearless detective is sent to the borderlands to solve a cold case. He will discover the place has as many dark secrets as he does”. Czech drama series.

Guardian S1 Amazon
“Supersleuth Zhao Yunlan meets unsuspecting university professor Shen Wei and the two men are drawn together. They strike up a close -if somewhat unconventional- friendship. But they soon find themselves at the heart of a high-stakes supernatural battle involving mysterious evil foes. At the heart of the issue is the mysterious and powerful Black Robe, who bears no small resemblance to Shen Wei”. Chinese drama.

Hearts of Citizens S2 Amazon
“It is an autobiography of Qi Junzao, the legendary politician, writer, calligraphist, from the age 17 to 70. It depicted his politicals fights in the late Qing dynasty as the politician for three generations of Qing Emperors. Qi Junzao dared to execute his trusted fellow who was a corrupted official, to protect the innocent friend who framed in the endless political fights”. Amazon link goes to the first batch of 22 episodes (season 1) of this Chinese drama which has been available for a while – here is the link to part 2.

Hold-Up (L’Attaque) MS Amazon
“An ordinary morning, a bank robbery intertwines the lives of the branch director, a celebrity chef, a pregnant young cop and a seasoned police officer. They are held hostages by four robbers with very different agendas”. French mini-series from 2013.

The Immortals of Brazil S1 Amazon
“The Immortals of Brazil showcases the diversity and wealth of Brazilian literature. The series is based on the works of many of the giants of Brazilian literature including Machado de Assis, Érico Veríssimo, Jorge Amado, Monteiro Lobato, Aluísio Azevedo, Carlos Heitor Cony and João do Rio.

In Youth S1 Amazon
“The story is about a group of university friends who struggles in the workplace. Li Zi Yu starts her career at a company where she and her boss Fan Shu Chen form a trust and love relationship to defeat their real enemies. However, this relationship seems hard to build”. Chinese drama.

Juan Happy Love Story S1 Amazon
“A naughty,romantic comedy about a man who has commitment issues and a hopelessly romantic woman. Their differences take its toll in their marriage that they decided to separate but a pending adoption prevented them from pursuing it. So the couple pretended to be happily married until the end of the supervised trial custody. Will their pretensions lead to one happy love story?” Drama from the Philippines.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat S1 Amazon
“Imaan, the daughter of Moulvi Aleemuddin and Hammad are meant to be together, but fate has other plans. Khuda Aur Muhabbat is the story of Hammad’s search for love, spirituality and the ultimate truth”. Urdu language drama from 2011.  

The Longest Day in Chang’an S1 Amazon (Ongoing/weekly episodes)
“Chang’an. The city of Eternal Peace. China’s ancient imperial capital and the world’s most magnificent metropolis. Its treasures and wealth are now under siege from a mysterious army. In 24 hours the enemies will launch a devastating attack. While the nobles panic and flee, the city’s most notorious criminal will be its savior!”. Chinese drama.

Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai S1 Amazon
“A woman of great influence, Kaneez Begum the matriarch of her family, makes decisions that will effect the lives of her children and grandchildren. The show is a romantic family drama that premiered on 8 April 2017 on Geo TV in Urdu and is subtitled in English”.

Mu Guiying Takes Command S1 Amazon
“The famous Chinese story of a young girl known as the genius strategist from Ancient China’s Northern Song Dynasty who will fall in a love of the heir of the Generals of the Yang family, Yang Zongbao, and who will fight for her country. It is the story of the rise of a girl who will take the command of the Emperor’s troop in a society where women had no right to be anything else”.

Mysterious Nurse MS Amazon
“After her eye transplant, she can see the truth about the death of her doner! She is the only one who can save the Psychiatrist being falsely blamed for Doner’s death. A fantasy mysterious romance between the mysterious nurse and picky Psychiatrist! Would they find the real cause of death and get happy-ending?” Korean drama.

Novoland: Eagle Flag S1 Amazon (Ongoing/weekly episodes)
“Chinese fantasy drama based on the phenomenal fantasy novel series by Jiangnan. Set in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou (Novoland), where different countries and tribes fight with each other. The series chronicles the violent, friendships, and love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye and Yu Ran”.

The Optimists S1 Amazon
“The Optimists is a Russian spy drama series that brings a 1960’s “Mad Men” aesthetic to the Nikita Khrushchev-era, set during peak Cold War. The show opens during the 1959 American National Exhibition in Sokolniki and continues to unravel the Russian and American acts of espionage and the personal lives affected by the fragile geopolitical picture”.

Osea! S1 Amazon
“Veronica Robles is a rich spoiled brat. She lives the perfect life which mostly consists of partying, shopping and having fun with her friends. Her life takes a turn for the worse when her father flees the country to avoid jail time for embezzlement”. 2009 series from the Dominican Republic.

Peony Pavilion S1 Amazon
“During the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, every country is not stable internally and externally. However, the Nan An state is an exception due to Du Bao’s governance. Thus, people give him a peony with seven colors as a token of appreciation. It tells a story about blossoming flowers to happen all of a sudden to bless these legendary lovers”. Chinese drama.

The Prince of Han Dynasty S1-3 Amazon
“Emperor Wu of Han is one of the greatest emperors in the Chinese history. This is the story of his lifetime, covering from his days as a young prince to his last days. During his reign, he has to escape his own grandma’s murder, defeats rebellions of his uncle and cousins. More importantly, he appoints so many famous generals to defeat the Huns and build the large and powerful Han Dynasty”. The Amazon link is for season 1: here are the links for season 2 and season 3.

Russian Beauty S1 Amazon
“The beauty of a simple country girl Katerina Panova conquered the world. She became the face of Soviet fashion of the 60s and the first fashion model recognized in the West. Paris and Prague applauded the Russian beauty, the press called it “the national treasure of the USSR”, and at home Soviet reality, envy, intrigue, jealousy and tragic love awaited her”.

Salute to My Youth S1 Amazon
“The show tells the story of a group of young girls from students to adults and starts to work, experiencing the joys and worries, and harvest sweet love, pure friendship, and warm family stories”. Chinese drama.

Shaktimaan S1-4 Amazon
“Shaktimaan Is First Indian Superhero. He Is Depicted As A Human Who Has Attained Superhuman Strength And Power Through Deep Meditation And Attaining Control Over Five Elements Of Life. He Fights Against Tamraj Kilvish, Who Is The Living Embodiment Of The Evil And Dark Forces Of The World And Shaktimaan’s Nemesis”. The first 80 episodes – of 400 in total – are currently available in batches of 20.

The Spy War S2 Amazon
“The story is set in the chaotic times of the 1930s when the war between China and Japan reached its peak. The revolution in China completely changes the destiny of everybody. And for some people, they are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the ones that love in this difficult times, no matter what the price it is”. Amazon link goes to the first batch of 20 episodes (season 1) of this Chinese drama which has been available for a while – here is the link to part 2.

Tere Bina S1 Amazon
“After marrying Umair in secrecy, Pakeezah finds herself navigating through the struggles of life all alone”. Urdu language drama.

The Ugly Queen S1 Amazon
“The Ugly Queen tells the legendary story of Zhong Wuyan, one of the Four Famous Ugliest Women in Chinese History, who married the King Xuan of Qi. She supported the King on state affairs and made Qi great in Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.). In this drama, she is also the 6th Princess of the Jade Emperor of the Heaven. She was reincarnated in an ugly body, for saving the people in Mortal world”.

The White Guard S1 Amazon
“The White Guard is a cinematic retelling of the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. The story takes place in the winter of 1918 in Kiev, engulfed in the flames of the Civil War. The Turbins’ family (brothers Alexey, Nikolka and their sister Elena) engage in a web of military and political events alongside family drama”. Russian drama.

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