Walter Presents: Russian drama Gold Diggers

Dynasty meets Dallas in the Russian capital in WALTER PRESENTS: GOLD DIGGERS. Love, sex, money, deceit; you can find it all in the world of the social elite. But the higher you climb, the further there is to fall…

Young artist Daria decides to leave her small-town life to make it big in Moscow. Her ex-classmate Marina is happy to be her guide in the world of social elite, a world where everyone knows the price of love, down to the last carat. Marina is the mistress of rich businessman Igor Dolgachev, but when Igor discovers that Marina has been two-timing him and looks set to cut his ties with her, events take a dramatic turn and Lena, a detective finds herself having to go deep into the world of the socialites as part of a case. But what’s the real cost hidden behind the designer handbags and diamonds?

Here’s a trailer for the series:

Season 1 (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 16 July. The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 20 July at 11.00 PM.


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