Walter Presents: French drama Astrid: Murder in Paris.

Series description: Astrid Nielsen works in the library of the judicial police. She has Asperger’s syndrome. With an incredible memory she excels at analyzing files of ongoing investigations. The district commander decides to use it to the fullest, entrusting her with very complex investigations which have remained unsolved to date.

Original title: Astrid et Raphaëlle

Watch it here.

Season 1 UK Premiere date: Friday, 21 October 2022. Episodes aired weekly on More4 (9 x 51-91m).

Season 2 UK Premiere date: Friday, 31 March 2023

More detailed series description via press release:

Set in the French capital, WALTER PRESENTS: ASTRID: MURDER IN PARIS follows young detective Astrid (Sara Mortensen) as she investigates the most complex murder mysteries in Paris.

When Commander Raphaëlle Coste (Lola Dewaere) visits the police records bureau in search of information for one of her enquiries, she has no idea that she is about to have a life-changing encounter. The brilliant young Astrid is autistic and a living encyclopaedia of criminal investigations. She has Asperger’s, which makes her very original and rather finicky in some situations. The Commander is investigating a bizarre suicide involving a Colonel who burnt himself alive: the complexities of which require a divergent approach to analysing the evidence which may point to the wrong conclusion. When Astrid gives Raphaëlle a helping hand, the two realize that their perfectly complementary skills are the key to solving cases despite, or even because of, their differences. The two become a formidable duo investigating the most complex and puzzling crimes with fantastic flare!

Astrid: Murder in Paris is an engaging crime procedural series with a refreshingly different central character. The show is highly entertaining and sensitive in its way of dealing with difference.

Additional series 2 info. via press release (possible season 1 spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet) :

Our crime-fighting duo, Raphaëlle Coste and Astrid Nielsen, are back to investigate the most puzzling murders in Paris. Season two begins with the shocking murder of a corporate lawyer in the heart of the city. Twelve witnesses are left horrified by the bloodshed in the boardroom. At first, it appears that the assailant targeted the victim from a neighbouring building. However, when Astrid examines the crime scene, she deduces that the killer was inside the same room where the murder occurred. The investigating team are left bewildered by the killer’s sleight of hand and widens their investigation leading them to an infamous magician. Meanwhile, Raphaëlle crosses paths with an old acquaintance, who seems to have taken a liking to her, and Astrid reminisces about her past. Despite personal journeys, the formidable female duo are fiercer than ever and eager to take on Paris’ most challenging murder cases.

Unusual crimes, unusual settings and even some ethereal adventures involving aliens, witchcraft, and mythical beasts combine in this captivating French drama.

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