Walter Presents: Swedish drama The Inner Circle

Adapted from the novel I Maktens Oga by political strategist Per Schlingmann, WALTER PRESENTS: THE INNER CIRCLE exposes the scheming, dirty tricks and power plays that take place beneath the polished veneer of politics.

While on holiday with his family, David Ehrling, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, gets a call from Prime Minister Elvira Kropp telling him that she is standing down and that in a few days’ time she is planning to give a press conference and go public with the news. She wants David to join her there, which he takes as her singling him out as a potential successor. But as the fight to the title gets more desperate, more shady businessmen start to cling to David in hopes he can change policies in their favour. Can he and his spin doctor Lena keep a lid on the skeletons in his closet and ensure that his enemies don’t get in the way?

The Inner Circle has been called Sweden’s House of Cards, an up-close look at the power plays that divide the winners from the losers in the hidden corridors of government. It’s a fast and occasionally furious look at a brand of politics where a scheme and a smile trumps hard work…”

Here’s a trailer:

The full series boxset (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 24th September.  


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