The Weekly List (15-21 June)

New world dramas

The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrian S2 Netflix [Available now]
Yankee S1 Netflix [Available now]
Gomorrah S4 Sky Atlantic 19/06/2019
Ad Vitam S1 Netflix 21/06/2019
Bolivar S1 Netflix 21/06/2019
Dark S2 Netflix 21/06/2019
Go! Live Your Way (Go! Vive a Tu Manera) S2 Netflix 21/06/2019

Continuing subtitled dramas

Arthdal Chronicles S1 Netflix Sat & Sun Ep. 5 & 6 (of 18)
Abyss S1 Netflix Mon & Tue Ep. 13 & 14 (of 16)
One Spring Night S1 Netflix Wed & Thu Ep. 9 & 10 (of 16)
Code 37: Sex Crimes S2 More4 (WP) Fri Ep. 6 (of 13)

Other continuing world dramas

Wentworth Prison S7 5Star Sat Ep. 2 (of 12)
Mary Kills People S2 More4 Tue Ep. 6 (of 6)

New world dramas – details

The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrian S2 Netflix [Available now]
“Based on real events, the fictional story of Mexican drug lord El Chato’s number one hitman, El Cholo”. 

Season 2 trailer (Spanish only)

Yankee S1 Netflix [Available now]
“On the run from the police, an Arizona man crosses into Mexico and gets deeply involved in drug trafficking — with the help of modern technology”. No separate trailer available for this show even on the Netflix Latin America channel but there is one via the Netflix link.

Gomorrah S4 Sky Atlantic 19/06/2019
“Fourth season of the series based on Robert Saviano’s bestselling book, this gritty Italian crime drama paints a portrait of the brutal Neapolitan crime organisation the Camorra”. Available as a boxset on Sky and Now TV as well as airing double episodes weekly on Sky Atlantic.

Ad Vitam S1 Netflix 21/06/2019
“In a future where regeneration technology lets humans live indefinitely, a cop and a troubled young woman investigate a strange wave of youth suicides”.

Bolivar S1 Netflix 21/06/2019
“This dramatization depicts the life — and loves — of Venezuelan Gen. Simón Bolívar, who helped liberate several Latin American countries from Spain”.

Trailer in Spanish only. For a version with subtitles try this Vimeo link.

Dark S2 Netflix 21/06/2019
“A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers as they unearth a mind-bending mystery that spans three generations”. Season 2 of the German drama.

Go! Live Your Way (Go! Vive a Tu Manera) S2 Netflix 21/06/2019
“Charismatic Mía gets a scholarship to an elite performing arts school, where she makes close friends but clashes with the owner’s popular daughter”.

Trailer in Spanish. For a trailer with subtitles (or dubbed into English) look under “trailers & more” via the Netflix link.

Subtitled film list (BBC4, Channel 4 & Film 4)

Mia Madre (Italy, 2015) Sat/Sun, BBC2
The Brand New Testament (Belgium, 2015) Mon/Tue, Film4
The Raid (Indonesia, 2011)Fri/Sat, Film4

We have a facebook discussion group specifically for films where you can discuss these films as well as any others you may have seen recently or just favourites you want to recommend to other fans. 

For details of the new British and US shows starting this week see here.


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